Video: Lana Del Rey – “Born To Die”


This brooding and colorful video was just released, serving as the latest rung on Lana Del Rey’s ascension to stardom. It’s basically one big public service announcement about driving distracted – don’t do it. Even if Lana Del Rey will make out with you, it’s not worth it. America! Directed by Woodkid!

  • Noory

    love some of her facial expressions in the vid. didn’t like the song at first but it’s grown on me quite a bit.

    just noticed this but where has the star rating thing gone? bring it back!

  • trillbau

    Wonder where this was filmed.

  • Ge Oh

    Dude , this was awesome. If it wasnt for the “Best of P&P” thing you guys started doing, I wouldnt have even SEEN this, and I check P&P as often as I can. This is dope, and I’ve never even HEARD the studio version of this record, just the acoustic live performance. Dibs on THIS sample.

  • Confusion

    Glad that that post got you to check something you might have missed. The video is really awesome.

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