Video: Left Brain Slaps Fan During MellowHype Show


Although the contents of this video aren’t that surprising, its entertainment value is definitely up there. Odd Future’s Left Brain comes face-to-face with a drunk fan, and I guess he wasn’t appreciating the fan’s level of intoxication or shit-talking, so Left Brain gave the guy a smack across the face at 1:42. I mean, yeah, slapping isn’t the most masculine form of violence, but this is one hell of a slap. Is it bad that I’ve revisited the slap a number of times now? Ugh. Watch below.

  • byahbyah

    I bet christian clancy was buggin when that happened haha

  • http://amsterdamconnected Tommie

    not very artist-like.. childish.

  • JCE1236

    dude is reckless

  • Andy

    He smacked some female photographer over the summer in Texas too.

  • Who?

    Badass, Dont talk shit to LeftBrain.

  • http://yourbitch keith palmer

    fuck left brain this pussy slappin fucker i would dropped this fool if he ever tried to crowd surf near me ima make a point to talk shit to this mother fucker @ a show left brain you look like a retard you fuckin ignorant bitch

  • http://yourbitch keith palmer

    there are so many reasons why this fool is a bitch in this video

  • Nigel Powers

    i think a slap is the most disrespectful forms of violence. see Rick James v. Charlie Murphy

  • SK

    left brains a fuckin bitch trying to act reckless and shit. nigga you look like you’re 30 years old and youre riding your fuckin skateboard around like a kid. that mosh attempt was the gayest shit i seen

  • Essie

    Ahahah oh gosh, I re-visited the slap soo many times. I can’t stop laughing.

  • bhenry

    respect the slap respect how left brain went after him too

  • jon

    u guys have to understand hes still a normal dude like anyone and just cuz hes a producer/artist it doesnt mean he cant slap the shit out of someone disrespecting him. if i were to talk shit to any of the older heads in ny theyd fukin slap the living shit outta me too. plus they get pissed at fans who show too much love who get in their face when they tryna live so its only right hed get pissed if it s fan talkin shit while he tryna perform. them niggas was prolly drunk as fuck tho so i cnt reli blame him either

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