Video: Talib Kweli Shares His Feelings On Lil Wayne


This isn’t new, but a reader (shoutout to SK) shared this in the comments section of that music snob post, and it was too good not to post. This is an example of the opposite of being a music snob. Talib Kweli is one of the best examples of a rapper that has been labeled with the “conscious rapper” tag. He’s revered for his lyrical content and the messages he tries to embed in his music. In a time when a lot of popular music (especially rap—let’s be honest) is being hollowed out and filled with fluff, Kweli has stuck to his guns.

It would have been easy for the veteran rapper to place himself on a pedestal and talk down on an artist like Wayne. He takes a different route.

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    Dissapointed that pigeonsandplanes was the only website I didn’t spam this link with.. I was posting this.all.over the place for a while, trying to give it some shine. He speaks the truth

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