10 Things Lana Del Rey Could Do To Stop The Hate

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lana del rey flag 2011 10 Things Lana Del Rey Could Do To Stop The Hate

Lana Del Rey is the pretty new girl in class, and for some reason, instead of accepting her with open arms, the music community has resorted to the behavior of middle-schoolers. Certain cliques have put her on a pedestal, others have unashamedly bashed her, but everyone is talking, and the gossip doesn’t stop. The latest topic of conversation is her U.S. television debut on SNL, which has left some people (even NBC’s Brian Williams) feeling so dissatisfied that they are compelled to take action, which in most cases means going on Twitter and calling her names.

Now, we have no problem with name-calling, but Lana Del Rey doesn’t deserve this. First of all, we like her music. “Video Games” was one of the Best Songs of 2011, and since she’s been on the scene, she hasn’t disappointed. Secondly, her slight awkwardness is understandable—she’s been thrust into the spotlight with the quickness, and she already has to deal with bullshit. Her visible discomfort on the SNL stage is kind of charming, in a humanizing way. Lastly, hating on “sell outs” is dead, so even if you think Lana is manufactured, fake, whatever, just let that girl cook.

We hope that everyone would stop hating and we could just enjoy Lana’s inevitable rise into power, but the haters are persistent, like maggots. She may have to take some action. Here are some ideas.