Album Premiere: Ecid – ‘Kings Of Compton: NWA vs. Kings Of Leon’


Mash-up albums aren’t for everyone, but when you go for it, you may as well go all out. Minneapolis producer/MC Ecid decided to take a break from the rapping for this project and let the guys from NWA do the talking. And what better musical backdrop than the sounds of Kings Of Leon to make the beats? The shit is so unexpected that it actually works. Check out some words from Ecid below, along with the Kings Of Compton album premiere.

“The idea for this project basically came as I was hanging out with my friend Chuck U, brainstorming my next creative endeavor and he convinced me I should do a mash-up album. Since I rap and make all my own beats for my other projects, sometimes my own production gets over-looked by the rapping so I really wanted something that would challenge me production-wise, but could also showcase my style. After we tossed around different combinations I joked “shit, why not Kings Of Leon and NWA?” and right away the light bulb went on and we came up with Kings Of Compton.”

Download: Ecid – Kings Of Compton: NWA vs. Kings Of Leon


For more from ECID, check out his Bandcamp and the Fill In The Breaks website.

  • billy

    intrigued…it shouldn’t work, but then neither should some of the other mashup albums like Notorious/XX and Fugazi/WuTang which are fantastic listens. Is there a zip file download?

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Not bad

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  • Neil

    zip file download would be dope

  • grifter

    Wugazi was dope.. This one not so much.

  • grifter

    On second thought this one blows.

  • Confusion

    zip file in

  • Adam

    Really wanted to like this because I love NWA and Kings of Leon but every song just makes me miss the original beat that was meant to go with the lyrics. These are classics after all.

  • B-Boy Rock-Star

    NOT Bad… !!! NOT bad @ all…

  • crazy motha fucka

    Wugazi was shit!HOW THE FUCK YOU GONNA TEAM UP WU-TANG WITH NE-YO?! Have some fuckin’ respect. At least ECID had respect unlike model bitch otter.

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