Common – “Stay Schemin (Remix/Drake Diss)”


Drake must’ve forgot that Common is from the era of real MCing when dissing another MC was a true test of who was the best. Drake might’ve thought that Common was going to let him throw his subliminal shots and get away with it. Boy was he was all types of wrong! Common jumps on the same beat in which Drake took his subliminal shots and takes some hard direct shots back at Aubrey. Let’s see how long this back & forth goes. Shout out to MTV.

Common – “Stay Schemin (Remix/Drake Diss)”

  • Francis

    This is a bit ridiculous no??
    I think Common and Drake are both brilliant, but Drake shouldn’t have gone anywhere near Common-he will be destroyed!

  • pjk

    say my name say my name. hahaha

  • Batmayne

    I think this whole thing was fabricated to increase Common’s sales.

  • b1tcha$$n1gga

    I think Common’s album was fabricated to increase Common’s sales.

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  • desmind33

    whether it’s fabricated or not we can’t prove yet, so that argument is obsolete for now. for now i want to hear some dope verses, and Common just doo doo’d on this nigga.

  • Danicka

    omg Common murdered drake ass. wow! Drake do look a little down syndromy

  • imperialkingpin

    This whole thing is one big facepalm…smh

  • Todd

    This is mildly entertaining, but Common made me laugh….poor drake….should be interesting to see how this plays out

  • Andre (PayUp)

    Wait, so are we all going to just excuse the facts here?

    1. Common kept Drake’s verse on here. Corny.
    2. He is rapping over A SOUNDLICK VERSION OF THE BEAT, GUYS!
    3. Beyonce is crooning at the end of this!
    4. He sounds super uncomfortable.

    No one?!?!

  • Laseasn Lake

    The audio at the end made laugh. Common did get em on this one tho.

  • R-ill

    Yo guys just got word that Drake will be doing an instance hard diss.. Ft. Nickelback. Coming soon hehe

  • Whatup

    Seriously guys? Common’s verse was weak/gag-inducing. I’m a Common fan, but his whole verse felt like a cheap one-off in a 106 & Park freestyle battle….he rhymed amateur guy with Canada Dry and called his mom a bitch. Literally nothing relevant was said about Drake.

    Here’s to hoping history forgets this ridiculously hollow beef.

  • myjestik

    i dont see it as a beef at all just a minor rap battle.

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  • a guest but not really

    i aint never ever been a drake fan (my girl is though) but for real common seems mad jealous , keeps calling him soft like he forgot he used to wear crochet pants. i duno its really sad to see a legend getting all girly over another mans shine i cant really respect common anymore.

  • PancakeMcKennz



  • LEGEND of the CIPHER (TM)

    The natural misappropriation of nascent hip hop culture by entertainment commerce, and hip hop’s subsequent assimilation of arguably toxic media projections have left the art form in a miasma of cultural disinheritance (yet again!) and outdated corporate protocols.

    “Music and martial arts share the same principals”, and the litmus of a true MC has always been found, and will ever be found, in the competitive interchange that makes hip hop unique (and I would posit superior in it’s qualities of discernment) to all the world’s poetry as a verbal martial art form.

    The commercial media, and the people therein, are not evil to a man, not per se, but are driven by a vary different set of priorities than the artists who drive sales. Business is business, after all.

    But we should never (and I cannot) turn a blind eye to the real human tragedy that the culture of hip hop itself ails, as a whole to the degree that the majority follow the examples of a few, from a lack of insight, a lack of stern attention towards it’s own best interests, in that many of the youth adopt, as personal culture, those profit-driven projections of varying degrees of heedlessness… those ‘Joe Camal’ multi-media advertisements of a fabricated hip hop culture that is exclusively designed to sell consumer goods or reinforce a profitable stereotype. It definitely makes for the best parties, but you can’t build a nation in the club, not indefinitely.

    Hip Hop’s greatest critical flaw today festers where the enjoyment of excesses has come to supplant the emphasis on mastery as the primary characteristic of a ‘rapstar’ (as opposed perhaps to a ‘real MC’), such that when children raised devoid of any first-hand link to native hip hop culture think “I want to be a rapper when I grow up”, they are expressing a desire for wealth, comfort and freedom, rather than the yearning to train hard, evolve one’s abilities and overcome any obstacle; to make a better world for themselves, those dear to them and the global community.

    While this is understandable, we as a people can ill afford such a culturally degenerative situation to persist, given the fragility of our times. It is only by freeing one’s self through mastery that wealth, comfort and freedom can be chosen rather than bargained for.

    This, as many of you have seen, is an example of hip hop as pure culture:

    Drake is a great artist, and if he chooses to test his metal against a master, that can be admired despite how badly he may get worked. Two people can test each other through a contest of skills.

    That is the game, and that is what makes it worthwhile.

  • drezzzzz

    people forget this song originally was taking “shots” at Common just like Common took “shots” at Drake in “Sweet”. Common’s version of this stopped taking subliminal shots and called Drake out. I don’t wanna judge til I hear Drake’s response to this…

  • Codyck

    too long; didn’t read.

  • Dweezle

    Common is trying to stop the forces of the rap game from hip-hop to pop. Drake is an obvious Pop-R&B rapper. While Common is mentioned amongst the elite of EMCEES. record labels will eventually patent every newcomer in the game after Drake..And Common for see’s this happening and is deciding to put an end to it. Almost like in Terminator, Destroy the problem now, save mankind from it later.

  • Stef

    CANADA DRY!!!!! hahaha i died laughing

  • matt

    common was definitely forcing rhymes and i gotta say when the best diss is the destiny’s child sample it says something about the rest of the track, and why the hell would he leave drake on the track if he’s trying to burn him

  • drezzzzz

    for the artwork? to replace Drake’s name with “that hoe ass nigg%” ?

    nothing but an extra diss to Drake

  • C

    comment of the year LEGEND of the CIPHER (TM)


    Im all for the battle, as long as it stays lyrical! Im not for the continued violence and destruction of the black man, even if both of them brothas is mixed!! =)

    Long live real MC’s who aint neva scared to get in the ring and duke it out lyrically!

  • snma

    This whole thing is over Serena Williams. Common and Serena were dating, then they broke up. Marvin’s Room is released, “I’m just saying you could do better”. Drake and Serena are seen together being really close. Common releases, “Sweet”, says whoever gets offended is the target. Drake gets offended, speaks out against it. Common, when asked about it, says, “If the shoes fit wear it”. Drake drops his verse on Stay Schemin’, staying subliminal. Common bites back with this diss. So the whole thing is a love triangle involving Serena.

  • great 8

    I can’t believe common didnt put a little more into it… I was hoping for a lot more. this was weak.

  • sevendubbs

    The third and fourth comments on this song are legitimately some of the funniest things i’ve read on the internet in a long time. In all realness, Common fucked Drake up.

  • kudigee

    I hate drake but I can’t lie he has a way with words. If common wants to step into the arena he’ll have to way better. It was kinda pathetic esp the say my name part

  • Mac

    i feel like you have to diss more then drake like wayne ross too just to have a legit impact . arent they all kinda the same

  • Ethos

    I thought the Beyonce sample was hilarious, and while Common didn’t real shit on him that hard, he nails it on the head with the “make me catch a body like that”. That was the biggest front on Headlines and we all know Drake aint shootin no one. Common made his point well but it was no Ether.

  • codine

    Common is so hard, I mean check out his IMDB page…

    Happy Feet 2, New Year’s Eve, Date Night, Brown Sugar, Just Wright…

    But I guess i’d be pissed too if i released Universal Mind Control.


  • SK

    ^i lol’d

    he went off on common though. agreed it was no ether, but thats arguably the best diss track of all time and that was the one of the biggest rap feuds of all time.

  • Kayla

    haha, and then common admits he likes drakes music and attempts to end the feud before drake has a chance to counter?

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  • NateEzra2

    After reading just about all the comments Im still feeling common over Drake. Imma a fan of both ( a little more of a common fan tho). Common did beast the dish by remixing the original and making it sound shity. Dog if youre to dumb to realize that then take yo ass back to school. I do feel like common could have rhymed more tho. But he did say he was taking to long with that armature.

    the line that got me like ‘damn’ was

    “Youre a son of a bitch I imagine what youre dad is.”

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