Video: Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars – “Mirror”


I’m not sure Lil Wayne understands how art works.

You know how Wayne sometimes gets on stage and holds a guitar and moves his hand around and somehow music magically plays (example here)? Well in his latest video, that seems to be how he thinks painting works too. He splatters some paint around, carelessly smearing it with his hands and getting it all over himself in the process, but in the end we see a gigantic, detailed mural. Of himself, of course.

Whatever, I guess the important thing is that we have a giant mural of Lil Wayne, and that’s what really matters, right?

  • Antoine

    Hahahaha. So much win in this post. Wayne keeps on losing

  • Cli-CIty

    Wayne losing??? Dumb ass niggas on here talking about him right now….people get to critical when it comes to Wayne….and every year he outdoes your favorite rapper…

  • Confusion

    Gotta agree with @Cli-CIty here. Wayne may not be a critics’ favorite, but he’s not losing by any means. Unless you really believe that Birdman bought hundreds of thousands of copies of C4, Wayne outsold everyone last year.

  • Jumi

    I didn’t necessarily care for C4, but double platinum is nothing to sleep on.

  • Dougie Fresh

    Album sales is not a forecast of being a good artist. The end.

    And yes, Lil’ Wayne has been losing since he dropped Mannie Fresh.

  • Confusion

    @Dougie Fresh Album sales may not be a sign of a good artist, but they are certainly a sign a winning.

    As far as I understand, “winning” is not in any way tied to artistic integrity, but there is a strong correlation between the extent of “winning” and the amount of wealth and popularity one has accumulated.

    Is this untrue?

  • eRowdy

    wayne’s a fuckin’ loser.

  • chimera

    Wayne isn’t running the 100m dash. This isn’t a sporting event; There are no gold, silver and bronze medals; No clear-cut winners and “losers”. The world of music isn’t quite so black and white. He’s build himself a decent fan-base, and quite a few people enjoy listening to his music. So while he isn’t my favorite musician by any means, I really enjoy this song and the lyrics resonate with me. Is the finger painting mural in this video absurd? Yes. Is the Jesus reference a little too much? Yes. But does that mean the song is shit? (imo) No. (Also, never in a million years did I think I’d write a comment defending Lil Wayne out of all people. As you were.)

  • Chris

    I definitely am a big fan of Lil Wayne…this song kinda sucks tho…i try not to put down any music because so many different people like different things but I like my Wayne to sound a lot less “top 40″…lets bring some of that Wayne back

  • lena

    this song is the best song that I have lison to in my hole in trier life

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