M.I.A. – “Bad Girls”


2012 is the year for comebacks, and with the news that Santigold is back, the oft-compared M.I.A. is also set to return. “Bad Girls” is her new Danja-produced track that will be made available tomorrow and has a video coming February 3rd. Check out the new song below, courtesy of Pitchfork, and look out for a new album from M.I.A. coming this summer.


  • PancakeMcKennz

    I wonder what this album’s gonna be called. She’s kinda already completed her family trilogy, right?

    This song bangs, though. I can already hear the mixtape freestyles. More specifically, Gucci Mane and his “Wow” ad-lib.

  • PN

    shes got a new kid! that could be her new album name..

  • matt may

    the production on this is wild

  • Dougie Fresh

    M.I.A. is back! This shit takes me back to Sophomore year at college. Awesome!

  • JeiSun

    This track was the illest on her Vicky Leekx mixtape. Best mixtape in ages…

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