MOD SUN, Meta, & G-Eazy – “Rappin’ Ass Rappers”


This isn’t his normal, vintage-inspired cut that we’re used to from Mr. Eazy, but he manages to work in the word “dapper” in reference to his his slicked back hair, so that’s good. He also got MOD SUN and Meta to join in for this track, which really speaks for itself. G-Eazy says it all on the last verse:

“Fuck a rappin’ ass rapper, I just wrote this verse to let you know that I could do that”

MOD SUN, G-Eazy, & Meta – “Rappin’ Ass Rappers”

  • Latest

    damn it, just when i was about to go to sleep you had to drop some G-eazy, now i gotta revisit some tracks. out out outta pocket.

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  • Stef

    i just can’t get over how white G-Eazy’s voice sounds…and his name is “G-Eazy”…idk its not pleasing to the ears. G just sounds like another typical shitty white rapper.

    i cant say he doesnt go hard though.

  • Confusion

    His voice is one of the things I like best about him.

    His name was def one of the barriers to entry for me, but I really liked him once I gave it a chance.

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