Party Supplies – “Guy Friends”


Maybe you just got home. You might be tired, thinking about going out but knowing in the back of your head that when you lie down on that couch “just for 10 minutes,” it will be very hard to get up. On the way into your apartment, you stub your toe. You yell “fuck!” and accidentally spit your gum out in the process, but you can’t find where it went. How the fuck could that piece of gum just disappear? Great, now you know there’s a random piece of chewed up gum hidden somewhere in your apartment. It’ll probably turn up at the most awkward time ever, like chewed gum always seems to do. “How did I miss that,” you’ll think, as you apologize to your guests. But now is not the time to look for chewed gum—the motivation just isn’t there.

Things aren’t going so well for you, but Party Supplies is here for you. This new cut from the Fool’s Gold producer is an instant mood-changer. Find a mirror, and practice your moves. You’ll feel better in no time. Thank you, Party Supplies. Just don’t listen to the lyrics.

DOWNLOAD: Party Supplies – “Guy Friends”

  • great 8

    I like it! I’ll throw it on the same playlist as “Let’s Groove” by Teen Daze

  • SK

    Everyones on that ASAP Rocky takin pictures like that

  • Bubbles

    When the fuck did American flags become so cool? I’m not sayin’ they’re not, but…

  • Stef

    i feel like the pic is either a nod to A$AP Rocky or satire towards him.


    Great song. Stream this and more new Pop releases here

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