Video: Childish Gambino Performs in London & Paris


Childish Gambino has been making a big impact in the U.S., bringing his energetic live show to stages all over the country and stopping by all the late night shows to promote his new album Camp. Next up the actor/rapper hits European territory, and it looks like they’ve got some love for Gambino too.

Here’s a clip from Paris, courtesy of Surl:

And here’s Donald in London, courtesy of AmaruDon:

  • baltazar

    my mate saw him in London:<

  • Confusion

    lol ur mate. U Brits.

  • Magnus

    I’m so fucking mad I missed the show in Paris. Now I have to fly from New York to Miami to Chicago when I’m in the States instead. Oh well, Donald’s worth it.

  • baltazar

    pfff what can you do

  • chrystal

    I was in Paris. I just loved his show ! What a man :)

  • Realist

    Nice, the stage on the second vid looked tiny.

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