Video: Jimmy Kimmel’s Commercial for Kanye West’s Company, DONDA


Remember that little rant comprised of what seemed like a million tweets that Kanye West had on Twitter about his new company, DONDA? And it made you wonder whether he was a genius or a madman? While most of you were sitting in front of your computer trying to piece his fragmented tweets together, Jimmy Kimmel created an advertisement based on Kanye’s tweets. Hilarity ensued.

  • Jonathan A

    damn. i was skeptic about the company beforeee.

    but we might just have something here lol.

  • deles

    but he used tweets from a long time ago too, not all those were from his rant… i thought this was dumb.. kimmels a little bitch

  • Confusion

    Haha yeah, kinda weird to use those old tweets. Bitch move.

  • jay

    If DONDA does get off the ground and become something as impressive as Kanye makes it seem, then this is going to make Kimmel look like an douchebag for mocking it. Not to mention when people look back and see how he called for parents to video tape their childrens’ reactions to how they ate all their halloween treats and how they gave them crappy christmas presents. History will not be kind to Kimmel.

  • Craig

    people still watch these shows?

  • Confusion

    @jay hahah Kimmel will definitely go down in history as a villain, if he makes it into any history books.

    Also, I don’t know why, but I LOLed at “an douchebag.” That’s hilarious to me.

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