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Probably one of the most hyped-up artists of 2011 and soon to be one of the most successful new artists in 2012, Lana Del Rey made a stop at studio 8H this past Saturday night, marking her US television debut. Looking like an angel, she performed “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans” in a lovely white lace gown. The performance was met with mixed reactions, and many people are still pointing out that Lana doesn’t look comfortable performing yet. What do you think?

Lana Del Rey – “Video Games”

Lana Del Rey – “Blue Jeans”

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  • byahbyah

    I’m in love.

    She didn’t sound the same on SNL as other live performances. She really took her voice low at some points. I don’t know what thats attributed to but I’ve seen other videos of her performing live and she was much better. I imagine it was just nerves.

    either way. I’m in love.

  • Todd

    Her performances were meh. Some momments were decent, but seemed like she was off on a few of those notes.

  • Cramerin

    Notice that the article says “looking like an angel”, and not a single note about how she sounded. This is because she’s not a performer. She’s not even an artist. She’s a pretty puppet, and I can’t wait until her 15 seconds of fame is up.

  • byahbyah

    just to prove my point that i’ve seen her perform much better:

  • MC

    Myspace Introduces Lana Del Rey

  • Joyce

    @Cramerin nice catch haha. I didn’t think she did particularly well, and I didn’t want to affect the judgment of those who hadn’t seen the performances yet. She does look pretty though, no?

  • Zoxxan

    Yes. She. Does.

  • Noory

    as much as i like lana del rey, her live performances don’t grab me and keep my attention as much as her voice does when i just listen to the song.. still love the music though.

  • matt

    she suuuuuucks, she sounds like a little kid trying to hit all the notes but missing them
    and she doesn’t ven look all that good, not that that should even matter

  • Qtip

    Was very unimpressed, than again you don’t need much talent nowadays to be popular.

  • Randy

    That was definitely a terrible performance. for whatever reason be it nerves or whatever it was bad. The songs are great and no one can take that away but in the event of her performing on snl it was bad. hopefully she does better in the future

  • -___-

    You guys have to give her some slack, she was obviously nervous, she never performed before on something millions of people watch, you’d screw up if you got up there so SHUT UP! Besides as she went later in the song she got better, it was just some jitters, relax

  • Oddoboy

    Didn’t Ashley Simpson get caught lip singing her tunes a few years ago or was that her crappy sister?

  • CK

    What was wrong with these performances? They sound fine to me. I heard a few vocal flourishes, but that’s the artist’s decision. I don’t mind when artists put a few vocal flourishes on their songs when they perform them live. Some of the vitriol in these comments is ridiculous. Saying an artist is beautiful does not preclude said artist from also being a fantastic singer, which Lana Del Rey is. I don’t even listen to her often or consider myself a big fan of hers, but you can’t deny that she’s got a great singing voice.

  • D.Scott

    Not spectacular… but not half as bad as people are making it out to be

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  • Wesleyb

    Not her best performances, she does seem really nervous, and she does make mistakes — I read a quote from an interview she did somewhere, and she said something along the lines of. ‘I started singing lower so people would take me more seriously’ In both these performances I think she is pushing her voice to be too low. :v — I feel like she’s trying hard to please people and it’s making her mess up.

    It’s really sad, all the hate she has. I used to hate her too, and I didn’t even know anything about her, I hadn’t even listened to her songs. So many people think of her as a puppet or a talentless media-made monster — After looking into her past i find it hard to see her that way. [ Her image just makes it seem that way..]

    Go take a listen to May Jailer, even Lizzy Grant — (To stage names she went by in the past when she sang in bars and such and was signed to smaller labels.) — Those songs show her true character as far as I am concerned. No one is willing to look into her past, they can’t see through the image that she has portrayed with the release of her newest album, they give one look and don’t even open the book because the cover looks fake.

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