Watch A Kid Have A Dance Battle With A Security Guard At An Avicii Concert


Dubstep strikes again, smothering our culture in layer after layer of shame. Let’s evaluate this dance battle. Most will probably give the win to the kid, just because he’s “young” and has the disadvantage of being “prepubescent.” But honestly, the security guard kind of killed it, and that kid is mediocre at best.

The most popular comment on this video: “Fat chick with fanny pack needs to be kicked in the scrotum…she’s exactly what ruins festivals and music…”

Security – Chazz Dean
Lil Kid – Ashton
Fanny Pack Girl – (unknown)


  • Clubhouse-Conversations

    Mr. Dean is hitting the kid with some decent hitting krump. Now that’s just disrespectful.

  • jpex

    security guard SPAZZIN lol

  • ELA

    Wait, that security guard HAS to be the guy in The Black Keys’ Lonely Boy video.

  • Katee

    What you saying ELA? Black people all look the same? ;) hehe

  • jamarcus garvey

    haha i’m ashamed for everyone at that concert

  • SK

    that chick in blue is beat as fuck

  • CK

    ok little bro, we get it, you can dance, chill out already man

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