Yuna – “Live Your Life (Prod. Pharrell Williams)”


May I introduce unto you the first single off of Yuna‘s upcoming self-titled album produced by – surprise – Pharrell Williams. Never thought Yuna would take this route? Yeah, neither did we. But the ease with which Yuna performs her music is undeniably natural, and when paired with some production by Williams, it yields some interesting results that are a little more lively than her sparse, acoustic arrangements. Her album will be released in the spring of this year.

Live Your Life

  • music4angel

    wow I’m really loving this song. Yuna sounds so refreshing and her voice is so flawless

  • jamarcus garvey

    this is the first song i’ve heard from her, but the melody sort of makes me feel like pharrell wrote it too

  • Joyce

    ^ intro kind of reminds me of N.E.R.D.’s “You Know What”

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