10 Things That Would Make Us Want To Hear A New Limp Bizkit Album

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In case you didn’t hear the news, Cash Money signed Limp Bizkit. We can’t imagine a band we’re less interested in hearing in 2012, but Birdman is a smart man, and he must have his reasons. We thought long and hard, and here are 10 things that could make us want to hear a new Limp Bizkit album on Cash Money.

1. No music, just 12 tracks of Birdman hyping up Limp Bizkit

I do not like Limp Bizkit, but I do like the idea of Birdman liking Limp Bizkit. “It’s your turn now, Limp Bizkit. The world ain’t ready for this. We doin’ it big.” Etc.

  • Steve

    If the entire ymcmb lineup hops on a remix of “it’s just one of those days.” The only way to make that song more ridiculous would be gudda gudda stumbling through his verse before drake rap-sing-screams the hook.

  • Joel

    hahahah I lost it at number 7.

    “nobody likes Korn and their dubstep fuckery.”

  • matt

    fredd appears to be deep throating that saxophone

  • PancakeMcKennz

    I’d want to hear a new Limp Bizkit album if it was packaged with a new Outkast album.

  • John

    I’d love to hear a “We’ll Be Fine”-esque interlude/hype sesh from Birdman.

  • http://music.ajcrew.com A.J. Crew

    YMCMB did it all for the nookie.

  • Rick

    Is Fred’s head photo shopped onto someone’s else’s body.

  • Confusion

    @Rick: No, all these pictures are real, 100% unaltered.

  • http://powerstrangers.com dickslikeknives

    if he dressed like a drag queen and rapped to indian electro. id watch the fuck out of that

  • http://cultivatedsociety.wordpress.com/ Killective Thought

    “Birdman just signed Limp Bizkit. Birdman just signed Limp Bizkit?”-People who still live in the 90s

  • Bryan

    What happened to the monkey guitar guy?

  • beedle


  • http://facebook.com/nickdukebeats Nick

    Collaborating with Method Man again would be the only way. If that was the first single, I would be interested.

  • KornBizkit

    Okay anyone who hates limp bizkit just shut the fuck up. seriously, go out and make music. half of you.couldnt play an instrument and if u could it would sound like shit and nobody would listen. amd korn… one of the best bands ever. So just shut up and have respect for people who had the dedication and went thru trouble to reach something.

  • KornBizkit

    And Dickslikeknives shut up. who the fuck says that??? thats so fucked up.

  • Nightmare

    shut up assholes

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