12 European Artists You Should Know About

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euro lead 12 European Artists You Should Know About

The American music scene is full of fresh acts to be excited about, but we’re usually a little late when it comes to the European talent. We always hear about these new artists out of England, France, Sweden, or Iceland, and by the time we’re catching on in the States, we’re months beyond the rest of the world. Maybe it’s because we’re egocentric Americans, interested only in hearing our own voices. Luckily, we’ve got a secret weapon. P&P contributor Constant Gardner is from London and currently living in Paris. He’s European, so by nature he’s inferior to Americans, but he happens to know a lot about music.

It’s not always easy to keep track of what’s going on in another country, let alone another continent. With this in mind, CG has put together a list of some exciting European acts across a range of genres. Some are just starting out and some are well-experienced. Some have the weight of a major label behind them, and some are striking out on their own. Here are 12 European artists that you should know about.

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By Constant Gardner