12 European Artists You Should Know About

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12 European Artists you should know about

The American music scene is full of fresh acts to be excited about, but we’re usually a little late when it comes to the European talent. We always hear about these new artists out of England, France, Sweden, or Iceland, and by the time we’re catching on in the States, we’re months beyond the rest of the world. Maybe it’s because we’re egocentric Americans, interested only in hearing our own voices. Luckily, we’ve got a secret weapon. P&P contributor Constant Gardner is from London and currently living in Paris. He’s European, so by nature he’s inferior to Americans, but he happens to know a lot about music.

It’s not always easy to keep track of what’s going on in another country, let alone another continent. With this in mind, CG has put together a list of some exciting European acts across a range of genres. Some are just starting out and some are well-experienced. Some have the weight of a major label behind them, and some are striking out on their own. Here are 12 European artists that you should know about.

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By Constant Gardner

  • baltazar

    The Uk definetly has a few very decent acts

    Ed Sheeran
    Mikill Pane
    Clement Marfo

    with the ones you mentioned, also props for Delilah and nice gallery:}

  • http://thewhisperpit.tumblr.com Goodson

    Lianne La Havas is the best of that batch- what a beautiful girl, singing a beautiful song very well, whilest playing the guitar!

  • Sara

    You guys are seriously an exceptional music blog.

  • Guestate

    super article

  • Detrick

    Rap/Hip-Hop: Wretch 32, Chipmunk, Devlin, Kano, The Streets, Lowkey

    R&B: Plan B

    Folk/Soul: Michael Kiwanuka

  • Eddy

    Did Kendrick Lamar sample Iron for the Spiteful Chant? That’s rhetorical.

  • http://twitter.com/eric_chance Eric

    1 thing that everyone in the world should know about:


  • Confusion

    @Eric that’s amazing.

  • Legend

    I just zoned out for crazy long looking at @Eric link

  • realtalk(c)

    Should’ve called it 12 UK artists you should know about because while it’s definitely a list of promising artists, the geographical diversity is appaling..

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Constant Gardner

    yay for the new gallery feature, glad you like it

    Baltazar & Detrick yes yes yes yes KANO yes. Got a bit poppy recently, but still a sick rapper

    @Eric juicy j would love that shit “iss trippy mayneee”

  • Christoffff

    wot no Keaton Henson? Have you no heart?

  • latch key kid from the 36th chamber

    to talk about grime and put JME and Wiley is a fuckery. JME has some of the worst bars and is a decent producer at best. and wiley is a washed up coke head, maybe 5 years ago but no he just a mainstream guy. if you want the best in grime then its dot rotten for producer and hes a sick mc, pure flames. and ghettz a.k.a ghetto is the best mc in grime and has been for the past couple years. and to see people talk about chipmunk, gtfo. when he was 16 and doing grime yeah, but not this swag hip-hop/ pop shit with chris brown

  • http://www.twitter.com/mrbsmith1 Ben

    When considering rap in the UK at least, Jehst must be considered, he is very under rated if you have a second check this .. http://youtu.be/r-vSyk2_xLA You won’t regret it.

  • Leroy

    Great Article! but i liked the other format better :)

  • http://twitter.com/aboynamedandy aboynamedandy

    JME – Yes constant gardner! Haha much respect for giving him a mention.

    Slightly worried that The Maccabees are in the list, I would have gone for someone like The Wombats if you wanted to pluck out an old indie band.

    But otherwise, I like the list. Daughter, Ghostpoet, Zoo Kid and Mikill Pane would have been my additions.

  • http://www.somethingzesty.tumblr.com Essie Q

    Ah, finally!
    I love you Constant Gardner.

  • http://www.thedailystreet.co.uk jb

    @latch key kid saying Ghetts is the best in grime is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while, he’s a pathetic sell out. The female UK grime scene is incredibly strong right now, Lady Leshurr, A Dot, Nolay all completely kill it.

    Great article, though admittedly alot of the acts here are British based (not complaining), you really have to check out Martyna Baker if you’re a fan of Delilah/Lianne as she’s got some incredible talent and lyrics.

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  • Constant Gardner

    Cheers for all the great suggestions guys, all so on point. P&P readers know their shit*, Mikill Pane is so awesomeely English, definitely guna keep an eye on him, and Jehst is dope too, not for the faint hearted though. I’ll try and get another one of these together in a month or two.

    *except Latchkey….yeah Wiley made Rolex, Summertime and Cash In my Pocket and released them on a more mainstream album, but 100% Publishing and Evolve Or Be Extinct are NOT mainstream. no no no.

  • JYve

    I’ve always loved the sounds UK artists have, and wow, what an exceptional coverage of good UK music. Any suggestions as to where to buy their music? A few artists mentioned weren’t even on iTunes, or Amazon (in Canada).

  • Saurus
  • augustunt

    Grems is a great french / living in belgium / artist : he raps on a large range of production styles and paints / designs too

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