Album: Blu + Madlib – “UCLA”


Blu just came out of left field & released an entire album solely produced by Madlib titled “UCLA”.  I believe Blu is very fucking nice, but I personally can NOT listen to music that is mixed so horribly. His music sounds like this damn near all the time so I’m going to assume that it’s being done intentionally by him, but my ears just can’t fully accept this. Sounds to me as if he’s recording out of a shoe box. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Check below for a track off of the LP called “ez”. You can also stream the album below & if you’re feeling it you can show support by purchasing the LP in it’s entirety for $15.

Blu + Madlib – “ez”

  • Great8

    Blu’s style has changes quite a bit since below the heavens hasnt it? I think he’s gotten pretty boring.

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    I think I am in love with that young lady

  • Hardcore HH

    @frankramz your ears CANT? listen to this? go listen to drake and lil gayne then. This is what hip hop from the basement and soul and heart sounds like kid.

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