Albums Of The Week: 2/28/2012

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With the torrential amount of new music that is unleashed upon the world every hour, it can be easy to lose sight of why we blog. First and foremost we want to share with you lot the music that we enjoy, and that we think you will enjoy. Through doing that we hope to support the artists we love. To this end, we’re going to try out a new feature: every Tuesday we will highlight the week’s notable releases. This will by no means be an exhaustive list, instead we’ll try and cut through the noise and present you with a manageable list albums that are worth being aware of. Let us know what you think of the feature, and of course feel free to share your thoughts on the albums featured.

This week has been a fairly quiet week in terms of big releases, but there’s still something for everyone—from rappers gone rock to dream-pop and folk, and of course that long-awaited Cranberries comeback.

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  • Liz
  • Daren

    Robert Glasper Experiment – Black Radio!

  • b1tcha$$n1gga

    ^ Word. Black Radio is really great. And I really wanted to like WZRD, sadly it just sucks too much. I listened to it sober,high and drunk, but it’s just unbearable.

  • InsaneBatmayne

    I bought WZRD and Breakfast dude at HMV thought I was buying music for my little brother.

  • Bradical4x4

    Love this weekly feature idea.

  • bryck

    Great feature idea. With the music blog format, it’s easy to get overloaded with singles and one hit wonders, losing the identity of many of the artists in the process. This is a great way to bring attention to the chapters of the books these artists are writing with their careers, instead of just the catchy sentences and paragraphs.

  • CK

    Great idea P&P! This is just what I needed, I’ve been looking for albums to download lately and I didn’t even realize WZRD was out! Thanks for the heads up and keep it up!

  • mike

    This band fun. dropped their album today – seen them on all forms of media, from Z100 radio (for you NY residents) to Hype Machine. you can stream the album on the site, I am now and it’s pretty good

  • Chase

    Great idea for a piece I always prefer full albums to singles. By the way, an album called “New Multitudes” dropped today featuring songs Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Jay Farrar (Uncle Tupelo), and a few others. I’m a fan of James and was wondering if anyone had given this a listen yet.

  • JeiSun

    LOL WZRD came out?

  • JeiSun

    This is awesome… thanks so much. past few weeks been hectic for me. Good to have this kind of info in one spot. keep posting more albums! I need(love) good music!

  • Confusion

    @mike yeah that fun. album is pretty good. Poppy but cool. I thought that was already out though? Ergh, we’ll get better with this albums of the week thing with time. With all the leaks, album advances, etc. it can get confusing

  • Confusion

    @CK Cool glad it helps you. Shit gets hectic out there. We’ll get this down to a science. If you guys have any ideas on how to make the post better/more interesting feel free to share.

  • mike

    true haha it came out last week. im on spring break (yeah, michigan does it in february for whatever reason) so i’m in ultimate bum mode i had the week completely wrong smh

  • Confusion

    Ha I feel you I’m still writing “2011” whenever I’m doing official shit on documents. Then I have to cross it out or try to turn the “1” into a “2” and nobody takes my business documents seriously because like, who doesn’t know what year it is?

  • IslandKid

    gotta say, i need to start hitting up pigeons and planes more often than i do. just looking at this the comment section is so much more refreshing than 2dopeboyz where the majority of commenters either have a very intense, positive feeling about something or a very intense negative feeling about something.

  • broms

    @Confusion, did you mean to say “Mumford & Sounds”?

  • Confusion

    @broms thanks for the heads up. no idk what mumford & sounds is

  • A-Drego

    Dope! Thanks for consolidating! And Word to Black Radio!

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