Albums Of The Week: 2/28/2012

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Record Store Albums Of The Week: 2/28/2012

With the torrential amount of new music that is unleashed upon the world every hour, it can be easy to lose sight of why we blog. First and foremost we want to share with you lot the music that we enjoy, and that we think you will enjoy. Through doing that we hope to support the artists we love. To this end, we’re going to try out a new feature: every Tuesday we will highlight the week’s notable releases. This will by no means be an exhaustive list, instead we’ll try and cut through the noise and present you with a manageable list albums that are worth being aware of. Let us know what you think of the feature, and of course feel free to share your thoughts on the albums featured.

This week has been a fairly quiet week in terms of big releases, but there’s still something for everyone—from rappers gone rock to dream-pop and folk, and of course that long-awaited Cranberries comeback.

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