Earl Sweatshirt – “Home”


So, Tyler said Earl was back. And here’s an Earl song we haven’t heard before. The “Earl” Twitter account linked to terttlefer, where this song can be found. It’s still unclear if Earl is actually back, if Tyler is behind all this, or if it’s some combination of the two. There are many possible scenarios, but Odd Future being straightforward about this wouldn’t be very Odd Future-ish. So, take this how you will, but Earl’s “aaand I’m back” at the end of this song is pretty strong indication.

Earl Sweatshirt – “Home”

UPDATE: Tyler’s latest tweets. Possibly referring to Earl’s mom? But I’m not even going to try to speculate.


  • Wolf

    kind of sad that there isn’t a single mention of any of his friends that built his hype while he was gone..lyrics sick tho

  • SK

    Whats up with Earl not being with Odd Future anymore? I’ve kinda been lost with this whole ordeal.

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  • SK

    Also, he says pigeon in the song. I like to think of it as a subliminal message thanking Con for getting to the bottom of Earl’s mystery last year.

  • C

    earl definitely sounds older in this. the wierdest part of all this was hodgy’s tweet saying free earl, then another from domo sayng he had no idea what was going on either. my best guess is the samoa program and his mom convinced him to leave OF, maybe for his career. idk, confusion if you figure this out give us a post

  • C

    or this could be part of tyler’s quest to be troll of the year. who knows

  • http://www.djsteff.blogspot.com Earl Sweatshirt

    Self-load the narcissist, Spitting crow bars at the back windows of cars and shit.

  • http://www.djsteff.blogspot.com Earl Sweatshirt

    Self-loathing narcissist
    Spittin’ crowbars out the back window of cars and shit
    And acting like a klonopin binge-hardening
    And switching up the moniker of artists into arsonists

  • Latest

    lmao great picture, all this EARL talk is such a big distraction from my studies…

  • Jazelle

    Earl Sweatshirt was in a Private school in Samoa, thats why he was absent.

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