Ed Sheeran Picks His Top 5 Rappers, Alcoholic Beverages, Pick Up Lines, and More

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Ed Sheeran by Dan Curwin

English singer/sometimes rapper Ed Sheeran is on his way to the top. The pop appeal is there, the English accent is there, and the collaborative album with Yelawolf just dropped. He’s already big in the UK, as indicated by his over 1.3 million Twitter followers, and we have a feeling that America is going to take a liking to this kid as well. Complex just covered the basics about who Ed Sheeran is, so we decided to cut right to the interesting stuff: celebrity crushes, favorite dinosaurs, best pick-up lines, hangover cures, etc. We also asked if he’s ever gotten his cat drunk. This is important stuff.

Top 5 Favorite Rappers

1. That’s quite difficult. Eminem
2. Jay Z
3. Big Pun
4. Wretch 32
5. Devlin

Top 5 Favorite Instruments

1. Guitar
2. Double Bass
3. Piano
4. Drums
5. I think the Sitar sounds quite cool. So the sitar.

Top 5 Names to Call People When You’re Mad At Them

1. Pwunt, which is p-w-u-n-t. That’s quite a good one.
2. Douchebag
3. Pleb
4. [Takes a minute and goes into deep thought mode. Laughs.] Rusty Cumbucket
5. Chublar

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