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It’s not every day that one of our new favorite bands is discovered inside an email, but sometimes, someone will plop something special in our inbox that stands out. In this case, a publicist at Nasty Little Man (what’s up Dana!) sent us a note about a new group they are representing out of L.A., Electric Guest. And what piqued our interest was that their upcoming full length debut is produced by 2011 Grammy Award Producer of the Year winner Danger Mouse.

Okay cool, Danger Mouse. We love that guy’s music. The Grey Album was genius. Gnarls Barkley was the shit. The Broken Bells project was awesome. His stuff with The Black Keys rocked. Let’s see what this Electric Guest band has to offer. Click. Play. Wow.

“This Head I Hold,” Electric Guest’s fantastic single off their debut album Mondo (which P&P posted last month), is the type of song that makes us want to get up and dance. It’s got a soul groove that could light up a wedding reception, and vocals that encourage a falsetto sing-a-long. And their earlier releases from Mondo, “Troubleman” and “American Daydream,” both equally excellent, are layered with social commentary, indie styling, and hints of hip-hop sensibility. So how does a relatively unknown band with great songs become the next big thing without donning pink wigs or tight leopard pants? Well, that’s the question Electric Guest is hoping to answer.

We got on the horn with the duo behind Electric Guest, Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton, to talk about their musical roots, their artist/producer relationship with Danger Mouse, their home-grown recording process, and the development of their live show. We also discussed the concept behind their disturbing video for “American Daydream” (it was directed by Asa’s older brother Jorma Taccone of The Lonely Island), how local radio helped build their buzz, and how they plan to not compromise their integrity for the sake of success. These are the trials and tribulations of a hard-working new band, led by two extremely passionate musicians with solid industry backing, just trying to be heard by doing the one thing they know how to do best: be themselves.

Interview by Daniel Isenberg

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  • your drunk uncle

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  • NorthLightsLifted

    are you a real person?

  • Confusion

    I’d put down $20 that “your drunk uncle” is a white kid, probably middle class, blog trolling from the laptop his parents bought him. Who leaves comments on music blogs calling people “trust fund havin faggot ass unemployment collecting hipsters?” It doesnt even make sense. And it’s just a weird thing to say about people on a music blog. Also who says “duhhhhuhhh”?

    If you don’t like something, ignore it. Electric Guest is good shit though. What do you listen to @your drunk uncle?

  • Joyce

    @your drunk uncle you’re such an enigma. Trust funds AND unemployment collecting? Damn you must do well for yourself. Teach me your ways.

  • Noory

    good post, will be looking forward to hearing new stuff from them :)

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