Is Earl Sweatshirt Really Back? And does he have a Twitter Account?


A new Twitter account has been made: @earlxsweatshirt.

Tyler, The Creator says:

The first tweet from the new account was simply, “Home,” followed by, “nigga need followers. give me 50,000 and i’ll release this shit for everybody.” That’s not all. There’s this video, which appears to be Earl, playing new music, and asking for “50,000.” Hodgy’s tweet  and the way this video is cut makes this whole thing a little doubtful, and it wouldn’t be the first time Odd Future has misled their followers when it comes to Earl. Thoughts? Is it real? What’s next?

  • Big Rick

    Probably not real. Just tricky video editing.

  • Jumi


  • imperialkingpin

    The way they cut out the followers part makes it seem really sketchy

    It could be an old video of him just saying something completely different. If its

    another troll, then I seriously just can’t take them seriously anymore

  • Stef

    if this is bullshit im gonna be pissed because ive been freaking out these last couple of weeks.

  • Biscayne Bully

    Troll so hard

  • Latest

    I don’t know how to feel about this, it’s all overwhelming, and btw Earl/Wolf Gang do crappy things on purpose so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was real but we’ll see what happens when it hits 50,000, shit went from like 12,489 to 42,189 in minutes…

  • Joel

    It just hit 50k. Personally, I think it’s real. There have been tons of trolls before, but Tyler has never been on board with it the way he was tonight. It is sketch that they cut out the “followers” part, but I’ve listened to every released Earl song and have never heard the verse/snippet that was being played

  • Joel

    He just tweeted “50k. it’s coming. thanks” then a few minutes later said “No troll just give me a second dude”

    im sooo excitedd

  • c22

    Just linked a to a song “home” no trollin

  • Jumi

    I just heard the song and I’m STILL skeptical.

  • JCE1236

    This is too weird. Whatever is going on, Tyler is clearly not happy about it. I think maybe the group he was working with in Samoa is behind the new song and the “comeback” marketing scheme and Tyler is upset that he’s not able to do things his way.

  • Monster

    :31 – blogger?

  • Andre (PayUp)

    I don’t know man. This is weird.

    It seems like Earl really is home, but Tyler isn’t happy about the way things are being done. For whatever reason.

    Maybe Earl isn’t OF anymore?
    Maybe Tyler wanted to present his comeback to the world in a less marketing scheme-ish way?
    IDK… but this whole thing is kinda weird.

  • G

    Can someone please explain Tyler the creator to me? This is a legit question, I am not trying to be a dick. He seems to have no redeeming quality to me and I can usually can get behind every type of music. Is it because he is from the streets and hard? Or strange? 31 million hits on youtube for Yonkers and I can’t make it through the song. He must be doing something right cause he is popular as all hell.

  • C

    its wierd that tyler referred to him as Earl instead of Thebe…maybe he’s saying it on purpose, to show that Thebe has changed into Earl, that he’s sold out on the person he used to be, now becoming the marketable “Earl” persona.

  • Saul

    Cassie Veggies tweeted “@earlxsweat glad you free. young nigga movement,” at about 11:30 tonight. He’s gotta be back.

  • Jumi

    @G I think “Yonkers” is a bad starting point. Go listen to something off of Bastard such as “VCR” or “Seven” or “Bastard”.

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