MTV’s 2012 Hottest MCs List


MTV has come up with their latest list of the “hottest” rappers in the game for the year and it is, as always, bound to bring up debate. You can check out the list below, and head over to MTV for their explanations and some additional information. Obviously a lot of great rappers were left off this list, and probably some you weren’t expecting to see are on it. Regardless, it’s really weird to see Jay-Z and Meek Mill next to each other on any list. What do you think? Who is your top ten right now? Rick Ross at number one?

MTV’s Hottest MCs In The Game


 1. Rick Ross

2. Drake

3. Kanye West

4. Nicki Minaj

5. Lil Wayne

6. Jay-Z

7. Meek Mill

8. Big Sean

9. Wiz Khalifa

10. Wale

  • Taylor


  • blueshirt

    No J. Cole?

  • Avicenna

    this is why mtv is mtv…. i seriously couldnt be more indifferent.

  • Richard Benjamin

    No Common?

  • Dee

    this list is awful

  • Ebreezy

    Maybe cause rick ross almost died? had to give him something good.. i know people have mixed feelings about mac miller but he sorta blew up last year. think he deserves to be on the list

  • jay

    Just checking out MTV’s website for their presentation of the results, and the awful awful awful buzz phrases underline perfectly the whole feel of this list:

    “Rick Ross proves he’s bawse at #1″
    “Kanye West balls so hard for #4″
    “Jay-Z dons the crown as #6 MC”

    It sounds like this list was written/decided by someone who doesn’t understand a thing about hip hop.

    However, I’m super excited for their next article when Drake reveals how with his newfound fame he’s had to “Take Care”, and Danny Brown shows us that he’s got an “XXX”L personality!!!

  • chris

    yes no J.COle and god yes no common…i dont think the list is that off?…it says Hottest, not the best.

  • Zoxxan

    I can’t really agree with a list like this one and, coming from mtv, nothing surprises me anymore…

    But it says ‘hottest’ MC’s and i’m sure you could find about a zillion of definitions for ‘hot'(which probably explains why Nicki is on the list, btw) You can go in every direction when finding a ‘hot’ MC…

  • idle.warship

    Why is MTV even allowed to make such bold claims?

  • Killective Thought

    When I think “HOttest MC” im thinking some one with major buzz or someone just dropped a crazy album…A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Chidlsih Gambino…even MGK should have made it.

  • Eric

    I fart in MTV’s general direction

  • PancakeMcKennz

    If this list was titled “How Easily Will My Mom Recognize this Rapper if I Showed Her A Picture of Said Person”, I’d be more inclined to agree with it.

  • Confusion

    @PancakeMcKennz ha!

  • TeMai

    I could say something about how MTV should get the balls out of their mouth of half the artists on this list. I could also be pretentious and name my own opinion on who are my faves (I’m feelin Killctive Thoughts direction). However, I’m just gonna re-arrange it as I see fit:

    1. Wale
    Jay Z
    Meek Mill
    Big Sean
    Nikki Minaj
    Lil Wayne
    10. Rick Ross

    I really dont see how J. Cole didn’t make it… Just saying.

  • Confusion

    Wale as #1? I don’t know about that. I’ve been rooting for Wale since Mixtape About Nothing, but the hottest in the game?

  • TeMai

    I just think he has so much potential. He’s brand new (in MTV world) so he may not deserve #1 on a lot of “lists.” Compared to other lyricyts, as like J cole for instance, he deserves more credit.
    By the way I’m so glad I came up on this website. Yall have opened me up to alot of artists I might have know about.

  • Confusion

    Wale does have a lot of potential, but I think his biggest problem has been fulfilling it. I think he started carving out his own lane with that unique go-go influenced stuff from his early days, but then he compromised it on his debut album for more straightforward, radio-friendly stuff. And then with MMG it’s a little bit of a better fit for him, but I feel like he’s letting that have a lot of influence on his sound too. I’d love to hear him revisit those early styles but polish them up for a cohesive, album-quality project.

    And thanks for coming, glad we turned you on to some new stuff.

  • Laseasn Lake

    solid list of “Hottest rappers” TBH. Dialogue created, marketing dollars spent. Im indifferent anyway. Im the best MC anyway. Every MC thinks this way.

  • prinskadra

    dont see the based god on this list

  • akidnamedkevin

    Im surprised Mac Miller or Lil B werent on the list. Especially since its hottest MC’s not best MC’s. Idk how you can have a number one independent album and be up for an mtvu woodie and then not make it on the hottest mclist. I thought Lil B would definitely make if just off of the buzz that guy has. its huge and still growing. his music make suck ass but he knows to get fans and sell out shows. I personally would have had ASAP on there as well.

  • Mac

    wale sold out // ironically liking music on decline so ross shouldnt be there buut fvk it who really cares

  • Harris

    Not a bad list considering it’s hottest and not best MC’s. I like 5 out of the 10 guys on this list and there are definitely rappers that deserve to be here (J. Cole, for starters), but these are definitely some of the most popular right now

  • MrMista

    BS MTV sucks

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  • jamesxrichards

    ASAP Rocky, ScHoolboy Q, J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar should definitely be included.

  • Ali

    MTV is making a lot of money but loosing their reputation at the same time. No one sees MTV as this cool station anymore, it’s all for idiots now. There is no quality just dollar signs. These are who should have been on the list.
    Mos Def
    Kanye West
    Talib Kweli
    Kendrick Lamar
    Lupe Fiasco
    Andre 3000

    I only agree with Wale. Don’t understand what magic Drake of Rick Ross has done to be all the way on top. It’s all about money and MTV needs to admit that.

  • Confusion

    @Ali You gotta keep in mind that the list is “Hottest” MCs, not favorites or best or whatever. You’re gonna call Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey one of the hottest MCs of right now? I love Mos, but he’s just not the hottest. He’s not even anywhere close to the top of his own game right now.

    Nas? Blu?

    I think people get confused about what this list really is. If it just becomes who your favorite rappers are, it’s pointless to argue about because it’s pure opinion. “Why” these artists are hot is a different conversation.

  • TheBIG-K

    W.T.F mvt…hw do u leave blu outta the equation…???? or the compliers of this list jst looked at money????

  • dj radsauce

    Ali your list is almost exactly like mine, only i would take out mos def and talib (not as hot recently but still incredible) and put in earl sweatshirt and pusha t

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