Nerve Lists The 50 Greatest Love Songs Of All Time


It’s almost Valentine’s Day. If your corny ass is making a mix for your crush, here’s a good starting point. Instead of trying to be all unique and pick out all your favorite flavors of the day, stick to the classics. If you end up marrying your crush, you don’t want to be embarrassed in ten years when she pulls out your dumb tape like, “Remember that mix you made me in 2012?”

Nerve put together a list of the 50 greatest love songs ever, and they even let me help out with a few of the write-ups. Check it out via the link below.

The 50 Greatest Love Songs Of All Time

  • Birdman17

    I am astounded that Brown Eyed Girl is not on this list. It is no doubt in my top 10 love songs all time!

  • Confusion

    Eh thats not even my favorite Van Morrison love song. I’d take “Sweet Thing” or “The Way Young Lovers Do” over that one.

  • jack

    havent read this list yet but surely For Your Precious Love by Otis Redding must be on there..

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