Redman – “Just Don’t Give A Fuck”


If you follow me on twitter you know I quote Eminem a-fucking-lot! Dude’s a lyrical genius! Em’s “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” record off of the Slim Shady LP is one of my favorite joints from Em. Shit, I have too many favorite joints from this dude.

Anyway, Redman comes out of the clear blue skies and drops a random freestyle over Em’s “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” instrumental and kills it! Great treat for me… I mean everyone. Check it out below!

Redman – “Just Don’t Give A Fuck Freestyle”

  • NiggasWithOCD

    This made my day dammmit!
    “you gettin shot the fuck up like Scarface” ahhh

  • Juan Manuel


  • Silver!


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