Video: Jhameel – “Waves”


Jhameel is one of the artists we want to see blow up in 2012, and he’s on his way. Motorola even picked up his song “Collision” for a Droid commercial, and while the eccentric pop artist keeps things moving, more and more people seem to be catching on. Check out his latest clip for “Waves” below, where he takes his dance moves to the shallow waters of the shore during a sunset or sunrise, not sure which.*

Also, stay tuned for more from his project with P&P, for which we’ll be having him take over hip-hop beats for his own stylings. Here’s the first from that project.

*Is there a way to tell, by looking at a sun, if it is rising or setting? I assume, in this case, that it’s setting, because sunrise seems much too early to be doing dance moves in the ocean, but this issue comes up a lot, and it makes me feel ignorant.

  • adgad

    Jhameel is from California, so that’s probably the view from California over the Pacific, looking West. Sun rises in the East, sets in West, therefore probably sunset. Also, sunset seems more red to me, but that might be wrong.

  • Chris

    he just gets better every time

  • Confusion

    omg adgad way to make me look stupid. if ur so smart y dont u go be a scientist

    lol, and i believe the proper term is “left” not West.

  • kasper

    If you know its on the west coast I guess you could figure it out from that

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