Video: King Fantastic – “Bonfire Sessions”


King Fantastic‘s Finger Snaps and Gun Claps was a wild album. While it’s become more common for rappers to sample electronic music, none have worked it into their sound quite like KF, thanks to the original production by Troublemaker. Out of the whole album, “Bonfire Sessions” stood out as the most laid back, smoker-friendly joint, and now the duo have cooked up some visuals to go along with it. Watch Killer Reese One get into some weird stuff in the video above.


  • Noory

    you haven’t included the video..

  • Kyle

    I fucking love this song!
    but u forgot the video ^.^

  • Jon Dough

    Video makes no sense to me at all. Kinda unsure about this one, not on par with what he had been doing.

  • Confusion

    Thanks guys. Fuck i swear my brain is turning to mush

  • J blaze

    @jon Douh Yo I agree. This videos kinda soft! Looks like some Zelda photo shoot. Have you seen there last video for on q! That shits fire even doper then why? Where? What? King fantastic is hell of dope! Can’t wait to see what they do next!

  • jay

    I disagree, this is like Reese had the hard day at work he’s rapping about, and just demanded to shoot a video where he gets high, beats a robot, teaches about knife violence and is the king in general.

    I think we forget the golden rule that if you have a Robo-Cowboy-Fairy-Star Wars-Girl backing band then the video’s instadope.

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