Warm Brew – “Creep (Serk Remix)”


There’s certain songs and artists that simply should not be remixed. It’s debatable whether or not TLC’s “Creep” is on that list, but Warm Brew went ahead and did it anyway, and good thing. The Los Angeles crew put that West Coast, laid back feeling in it for this smooth remix that sounds straight outta the ’90s. And if you still don’t have “Doin’ It Right,” go ahead and get that, ’cause it’s the jam.

“We decided to take the classic TLC song “Creep” and put the a Warm Brew spin on it for the ladies, just in time for Valentine’s Day!”

Warm Brew – “Creep (Serk Remix)

  • http://mostlyjunkfood.com jamarcus garvey

    i’ve seen serk fuck a stripper using a glow stick in his mouth

  • http://deeepcuts.blogspot.com codine

    Not terrible, the verses are sick but the chorus isn’t as good as the original…Creep changed the game in cool-factorness-swagg-juice

    “more trumpets in R&B 2012″ – my campaign slogan

  • http://clubhouse-conversations.tumblr.com Clubhouse-Conversations

    So I missed out on that “Doin’ it Right”. Are there any alternate links for it?

  • Forest Whittiker

    Someone just took a steamy shit on my teenaged years.

  • http://twitter.com/cetzilla CetZilla

    “‘…for the ladies, just in time for Valentine‚Äôs Day!'” and you start out “…for all the right hand bitches”… on a TLC song. ::Facepalm:: I don’t think it got much better, and I hope they get a cease & desist letter. Taking a TLC funker & basically Snoop Dogg-ing it out is a no no. I’m absolutely with Codine on the assessment of the chorus.

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