When Earl Sweatshirt Returns: 8 Possibilities

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earl kanye shrug When Earl Sweatshirt Returns: 8 Possibilities

You may have heard, Lil Earl Sweatshirt has been going through some serious intervention in Samoa, and the latest news is that the young Odd Future prodigy is on his way home to Los Angeles, where he’ll finish high school before getting back into this music shit. Alternative Intervention Models (AIM) is the group that most recently sent some volunteers over to Samoa to meet with Earl, and they called his experience there “extraordinary.” When Complex interviewed Earl’s friend and fellow resident at Samoa’s Coral Reef Acedemy, Tyler Craven told a slightly different story.

Without hearing directly from Earl, it’s entirely and absolutely impossible to come to any conclusions, but the conflicting stories leave a lot of things up in the air, floating around like that bag in American Beauty, except a lot less gracefully. The media is getting antsy, Odd Future fans are getting hostile, and the #FREEEARL hashtags are circulating with a fervor that can be felt even through Twitter timelines. On February 24, Earl turns 18 years old, and we’re all wondering: What the fuck is going to happen with Earl Sweatshirt?

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