The 50 Greatest Music Festival Moments

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Greatest Music Festival Moments

To some people, music festivals are just a fun place to get together with friends and listen to music—a place where the normal rules of society are bent into unrecognizable shapes and inhibitions dissipate into the sky like a cloud of smoke. For true music lovers, there is something else about festivals—some big, overwhelming feeling that you’re in the middle of something special. At any moment, what you’re watching could go down in music history. The surprise guest appearances, unlikely collaborations, public meltdowns, and performances of a lifetime all happen on the biggest stages of the music world. If you’re lucky, you might just be able to look back in 20 years and say, “I was there.”

From epic sets to on-stage debauchery, we gathered some of the most memorable moments in festival history. Here’s our list of the 50 Greatest Music Festival Moments of all time.

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  • Klyph

    A few of my favorite music festival moments:

    1)The Flaming Lips- SOUTHERN COMFORT MUSIC EXPERIENCE, Atlanta 2006-
    Wayne rolled right over me in his bubble!

    2)Rage Against The Machine- Coachella 2007- Feeling the entire ground vibrate from all of the jumping up & down of the crowd was the closest I’ve ever been to an earthquake!

    3)The Roots- Bonnaroo 2007- They played “Masters Of War”…. nuff said.

    4)Coachella 2007- My first “big” music festival was full of drama. Me and my friend flew into LA from Florida on Thursday (My first time flying). Got there at about 9 AM or so. The rental car company screwed us on the price of the car deposit, we didn’t have a credit card big enough, the credit card company wouldn’t give me an increase, the rental car company wouldn’t take a cash deposit, and our “friend” that lived in LA wouldn’t answer her phone, so we ended up having to take a $250 limo to Indio (My friend was afraid of the “seedy” neighborhood the bus station was in). About 15 miles outside of LA our California “friend” (actually, ex-bandmate that we both had sex with in the past)calls and says she’s going to Coachella, she’ll take us with her. Limo turns around,still have to pay him 75 bucks.

    He drops us of at In And Out burger. She says she’ll be there in 15 minutes. Two hours later she shows up in her “new car”: a Ford Explorer that sounded like the wheels were about to fall off. She takes us to her “awesome” LA pad: A converted 2 car garage beside a dirty swimming pool. We wait….and wait…until nighttime. My friend smoked alot of weed. I searched the net for a bootleg rental car company that would take cash while simultaneously arguing with my girlfriend (who bought me the tickets) about why I was “at that bitch’s house”. She finally decides to leave (at 10 PM) but first she needed to go to her dealer’s house. We went. Me and my friend got treated like narcs (Southern accents in downtown LA kinda stick out!)

    FINALLY, at 2 AM we leave LA for Indio….in the car with the wheel sounding like it was gonna fly off….while she’s driving 90 miles an hour. I dozed off, but not before telling myself “I don’t care if I die. I just want to sleep!” (I had been awake for almost 24 hours at this point.)

    We make it. She drops us off at the Polo Grounds. Turns out she didn’t have tickets yet, but she was going to a party at “Tom from Myspace’s house”. Yeah… My friend chugs a bottle of Crown Royal he had in his suitcase because we found out there was no alcohol allowed. I set up my tent. He doesn’t. He spreads it out on the ground and just lays on it.

    Great way to start off Coachella!

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