Album Stream: The Shins “Port Of Morrow”


The Shins‘ long-awaited Port Of Morrow drops on March 20, but you can stream the whole thing up until the day of its release. This is the first release from the band since 2007, and also features Mercer with a new line-up and with the help of Mercer’s new label. There are a lot of changes, but judging by “Simple Song,” the sound remains in tact. Head over to iTunes to give the album a listen.


Port Of Morrow Tracklist:
01. ‘The Rifle’s Spiral’
02. ‘Simple Song’
03. ‘It’s Only Life’
04. ‘No Way Down’
05. ‘September’
06. ‘Bait and Switch’
07. ‘Fall of ’82’
08. ‘For A Fool’
09. ’40 Mark Strasse’
10. ‘Port of Morrow’

  • kevincorcoranjr

    this album is the ultimate chill zone. as a long time fan, i feel like i’ve grown up with the shins… this album came out at a perfect time in my life because i’m enjoying a slower pace… less rock, less aggression, less partying… more relaxed, more calm, more serene. the newest single, bait and switch is pretty much my daily soundtrack right now… perfect for breezy drives with trees overhead and no cars around.

    long story short, this album couldn’t have come out at a more perfect time. If it hasn’t grown on you yet, it will. Get ready for it!

  • jeffort23

    A mixed bag for sure. It may grown on you after a few listens…

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