Bassnectar ft. Lupe Fiasco – “Vava Voom”


When Lupe Fiasco went in over a Bassnectar remix for “Lightwork”, the lead single off his last mixtape Friend Of The People, fan reaction was mixed to say the least. Some loved it, some cursed, but ultimately it was different and sparked some personal curiosity as to whether or not Lupe would continue to pursue this dubstep x hip-hop genre blending direction with his music. Question answered. “Vava Voom” is the first cut off Bassnectar’s new album of the same name, scheduled to release next month. You can stream the title track over at Rolling, just follow the link below.



    Naw but for real though! Lupe is bomb! Plus dubstep has elements of hip hop and RnB anyway. I personally think people just stereotype dubstep as transformers making love. When in truth dubstep and hip hop go great together, I think Lupe she keep doing what he is doing.

  • Chopz

    sounds like something a$ap rocky would spit

  • Buddy Blank


    Funny that you mention that, because Rocky’s verse on Street Knock has a Lupe-esque flow at some points. Also, listening to any of Rocky’s older stuff sounds straight up like some Lupe stuff.

    I’m actually digging this a lot, mostly because it’s not Lupe taking himself too seriously and instead just having a really dope flow.

  • Lamon

    Fuck. This just blew my mind

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