Charles Hamilton Drops A J. Cole Diss Song


Charles Hamilton‘s story is a complicated one. After being crowned one of hip-hop’s most promising young rappers along with Wale, B.o.B., and J. Cole, he hit a few bumps in the road. We got a random mixtape from him towards the end of last year, but his presence is shaky, and the details on where he is and what he’s doing now are unclear. Today, we get a J. Cole diss track out of nowhere. It’s not exactly what most Charles Hamilton fans are probably hoping for, but at least it’s evidence that he’s alive.

  • b.

    if he’s going to come at j. cole,at least come at him with fire. charles=weak sauce.

  • Dirk DiggahoE

    hot garbage. this cat needs to fall back & get a regular 9-5 job cuz rappin is definitely not his best career option. i cant believe he put this out. smh @ him havin nobody in his camp to stop him. guess thats how it is when u roll dolo.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Can someone clear this up for me… what exactly did J.Cole do to elicit this song from him?

  • neomerge

    wtf is this cornball doing. this is terrible.

  • Wingspan

    Completely & utterly terrible. What a reach. Also it sounds like dude recorded this on a 8 year old motorola razr

  • ramzy

    this nigga is bugging


    This is just awful, but The Pink Lavalamp is still in frequent rotation.

  • Whatup

    HIs musical direction is warped. But agree ^^, The Pink Lavalamp was one of my faves way back when.

  • d.Carter

    I’m slightly disappointed that he would come out with this.

  • Uhhhhuh

    Charles has talent and I was a big fan but he doesn’t know how to market himself. Extremely terrible business ethic. He just thinks dissing rappers with bad quality songs will get a response. He needs a new manager if he wants to get anywhere.
    Shit he had such potential. I’m not hating, I like a lot of the guy’s music, but he doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore.

  • Jesus

    This was too funny bwahahaha

  • luper

    what the hell…dissing j cole is a novum. especially when its as whack as this garbage. sonics gonna fall very, very deep

  • A.J. Crew


  • a guest but not really

    its charles hamiltons world ? did he really say that ? hahahahaha what a joke. dude needs to form a we-never-lived-up-to-the-hype super group with papoose and canibus. DaughterHouse.

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