Getting Noticed By Diddy: One Artist’s Brush With Fame

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the throwed1 Getting Noticed By Diddy: One Artists Brush With Fame

We’ve all got ideas in our heads of how our lives are going to play out. These ideas are almost always wrong. There are too many variables, too many random glitches that can change everything. In the blink of an eye, your whole world can get flipped. And it does.

When I first heard from Maq, a Toronto artist and frontman for a project called The Throwed, it was the typical conversation between a music blogger and an artist trying to get exposure. He’d usually hit me up on Facebook chat and ask if I had a minute to check out his new song. An important part of my job is to listen, and so I listen… a lot. Unless I was busy using my ears for something else, I’d press play and give feedback when I could. I never ended up posting any of it, but he seemed liked a nice guy, so I didn’t mind taking a couple minutes to hear what he’s up to.

This went on for months, until one day I got a message from Maq, sounding more excited than usual. He said,  “I’m working on this new stuff… for Ciroc and Diddy… I know you probably think I’m talking out of my ass, but check Diddy’s Twitter and the Bad Boy blog” Sure enough, Diddy’s latest tweet was a link pointing to Maq’s new video. The video is up on the blog. Next thing you know, there are high budget productions with Ciroc logos plastered all over them, flights from Canada to New York City, talks with label executives, and promotion to Diddy’s millions of social networking followers. How did this happen?

Here is the story of one independent artist who experienced the highs and lows that come with having the attention of an industry bigwig.