Getting Noticed By Diddy: One Artist’s Brush With Fame

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We’ve all got ideas in our heads of how our lives are going to play out. These ideas are almost always wrong. There are too many variables, too many random glitches that can change everything. In the blink of an eye, your whole world can get flipped. And it does.

When I first heard from Maq, a Toronto artist and frontman for a project called The Throwed, it was the typical conversation between a music blogger and an artist trying to get exposure. He’d usually hit me up on Facebook chat and ask if I had a minute to check out his new song. An important part of my job is to listen, and so I listen… a lot. Unless I was busy using my ears for something else, I’d press play and give feedback when I could. I never ended up posting any of it, but he seemed liked a nice guy, so I didn’t mind taking a couple minutes to hear what he’s up to.

This went on for months, until one day I got a message from Maq, sounding more excited than usual. He said,  “I’m working on this new stuff… for Ciroc and Diddy… I know you probably think I’m talking out of my ass, but check Diddy’s Twitter and the Bad Boy blog” Sure enough, Diddy’s latest tweet was a link pointing to Maq’s new video. The video is up on the blog. Next thing you know, there are high budget productions with Ciroc logos plastered all over them, flights from Canada to New York City, talks with label executives, and promotion to Diddy’s millions of social networking followers. How did this happen?

Here is the story of one independent artist who experienced the highs and lows that come with having the attention of an industry bigwig.

  • matt

    this guy has the most monotonous rap voice ever, i want to root for him, but he’s boring when he’s actually rapping

  • Raheemi

    Ohh ishh say word your on pigeons and planes!

  • melissa

    diddy lost. I feel his blue jeans track.

  • Todd

    This was such an interesting read, pretty cool too. I’m not sure how much I’ll get into his music, but sounds like he is working hard.

  • Clubhouse-Conversations

    It’s wild to see how the quality of music changes as he went from “Club-bangers: to his authentic records. Though I have no intentions on ever being a serious rapper. It was pretty inspiring to read through Maq’s experiences. Such an ace read this was.

  • MegaMind

    Wow, I’m really impressed by these hardworking individuals. The production is really cool along with the videos. Good job guysss. TORONTO REPRESENT

  • Pam

    I really enjoyed reading this. Very interesting story. I like his music and videos.

  • Mic

    Good read, people will only love you when you do what you love. And this piece is dangerously close to some professional music journalism.

  • thejas

    This is literally the best article I’ve ever read.

  • Great8

    Excellent read. nice job conny-con-con

  • Confusion

    @Great8 I’m trying to do some serious stuff here, and you call me conny-con-con? Ugh, but thanx N E wayz! :) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • MusicEnthusiast

    What I’m curious to know, is why Maq and his included the Ciroc stuff in the Blue Jeans cover video, if Diddy and his people were done with them.

    Amazing article Con, seriously, I really enjoyed reading this one. Keep it up!

  • Siri Poj

    What I want to know is why didn’t they promote the fuck out of that video. Lana del rey is old school swag/style + Ciroc would be a good combo.

  • Confusion

    @Music Enthusiast: I actually was curious about that myself. Asked him and he said: “We originally shot that as a concept for Ciroc. It was close to the end our relationship with Ciroc/Diddy thing. We choose Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans, but they weren’t too fond of the song/cover because it didn’t have a “club feel” they choose not to go with it. Regardless, if it was commercial sounding or not I put it out anyways cause I truly liked the song.”

  • anonymous troll

    gud jobs!!!

  • aboynamedandy

    Awesome story. I was reading this, assuming “yeah, Diddy got involved and this kid’s on his road to hitting the charts.” But it’s such a brilliant twist. I applaud you on your success, Maq.

  • Beeroh

    This is an awesome article to all musicians and artists out there. Work hard, play harder like Mr. Maq & The Throwed! Good Job guys!

  • Mado

    videos look trill’n… wheres this dude from? NY?

  • Confusion


  • Juice

    I think you just gave them way more cred by publishing this article then Diddy and Ciroc ever did. Way to go.

  • Snob

    this is such a great read man…I’m going through my own bout of shadiness in the industry at the moment in a different way with Redone and his team so i definitely can relate to them on the C.R.E.A.M. tip…this industry is so hard to navigate without getting got by someone but big ups to you Confusion for taking the time to write a piece like this…

    dope read and kids need to know

  • Killective Thought

    dope read

    it’s so real though about the bs. I mean, people put up with Mac because of how raw and heartfelt KIDS was. Same with Wiz, same with J Cole. Now kids like Odd Future and A$AP Mob are priming to cash in

  • Killective Thought

    Also, further proof Diddy needs to retire from all things music related

  • Peli

    such a dope article. love stories like this, like a modern day david and goliath. also, ended up watching most of the vids on youtube. dude is pretty nice with it, you can def tell the dif between the commercial stuff this article speaks on and the stuff from the heart. hope he gets his due recognition for his talent!

  • b1tcha$$n1gga

    Really great read, really shows how valued musical/artistic integrity are. Altough it must be a hard call to make when such a seamingly great opportunity opens up.

  • Not-so-notorious

    Just an observation, they still included a frame of ciroc in the Blue Jeans video (still grasping for Diddy I guess).

  • Stigmah

    This story reminds me of that Chester French song “Ciroc Star” and I love how only Lana could make this come in full circle.

  • dj lil elle

    damn, inspiring story. great read. those guys are doing it right. “luck is where the crossroads of opportunity and preparation meet.”

  • DJ Analytic

    Man, these guys look like they’re definitely working hard. Plus they seem like a very talented group. I really enjoyed “Dirty lies” the singing vocals are on point!!

  • KellyKelkel

    Rooting for thes guys. Solid stuff.

  • management

    awesome write up and solid story. however, i wasn’t impressed with their sound. i don’t know if their music is refined enough for them to be promoting yet.

  • jay

    Besides what a good piece this is, it just kinda makes you realise how much Con must have on the go at any one time. All the conversation and communication that only very occasionally rears up from behind the scenes goes to show the work that’s put into P&P. Thanks ConnyCon

  • http://TSS Beware

    This is one of the most I interesting pieces I’ve read on the Internet in a while. Definitely mag worthy. Great job confusion

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