Interview: Grimes On Her Goth Roots, Music She’s Listening To, And Being Loved By Strangers


I heard you say that you used to be really unpopular in high school.
[Laughs] Yeah.

What were your typical weekends like back then?
My typical weekend—it’s weird, but I had really fun weekends in high school. Probably too fun, but it was a good time and I had a lot of really good friends actually. It’s just that we were all unpopular in theory. It wasn’t like we were unpopular like we didn’t have friends, it was just that everyone hated us. But my high school was really polarized. Like I was a goth, and all my friends were goths or punks, and my step brother, who was my mortal enemy at the time, was a jock. There was always this rivalry between the goths and the jocks and it was just intensified by that, because we both blamed each other’s parent for breaking up our parents’ marriage, so it was extreme bullying. I would leave during class and put lube all over their lockers and the next day you’d get a basketball thrown at your head or stuffed in the locker or thrown in the pool or something. Or like framed for throwing a snowball. I was constantly in the office being accused of crimes I didn’t commit. It was just constant abuse.

Yeah it sounds like a movie.
It was also really fun. I look fondly back at that time.

I’m a huge Born Gold fan, I’m actually devastated that I’m missing the tour where he’s opening for you.
I’m actually sitting with them right now.

Oh, what’s he like in real life?
Um, crazy. There’s a lot of extremely inappropriate jokes made all the time. [Laughs]

Say hi for me.
He says hi back.

What’s the process like in the studio? Do you have a bunch of people in there with you? Is it fun?
I work by myself. It’s very fun. I write while I record, and usually I’ll finish a song in a day or two. It’s not that I’ll work on a song for weeks and try to make it perfect. I’ll write a ton of songs and pick which ones I like best, but they’re all done really fast.

How hard do you party?
Harder than I should. [Laughs] It’s okay. Sometimes it makes things harder than they should be in the morning.

What’s your favorite drink?
Vodka and water with a pickle.

Yeah. Straight up.

I’ve never heard of that before.
It’s the Russian way. And if you drink the brine you won’t have a hangover.

Oh, awesome, I’ll have to try that.
It can cause problems, I wouldn’t try it too much.

Pigeons or planes?
Pigeons or planes… Oh my god, pigeons. Airplanes are terrifying. I was actually thinking about shooting a music video at an airport. It would be so cool to shoot a video with people and the planes landing right behind them and just barely missing them.

That would be really cool. I do love airports, though.
Yeah, airports can be horrible, but they’re really cool too.

My dad’s an aircraft mechanic, so I’ve spent a lot of time in them.
Oh shit, that’s a high pressure job. If he fucks up, so many people could die.

Yeah, he won’t ever tell me what’s wrong with planes. He’s like, “You don’t even want to know what goes on behind the scenes, because it would scare the shit out of you.”
Oh my god, don’t tell me that!

Sorry, sorry! Well, I think that’s all the questions I have.
Okay cool, well thank you so much.

No thank you, it was a great.
Have a good afternoon, or whatever.

You too, have a nice…life. [Laughs]


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