Lana Del Rey – “Blue Jeans” (RAC Remix)


So a couple of interesting things to note here. First, Lana Del Rey‘s “Blue Jeans” has been given the RAC remix treatment. That in and of itself is worthy of your attention. This specific rendition comes by way of RAC member André Allen Anjos and can be enjoyed below.

Now, the second and some how more intriguing part to this is that American Idol has secured LDR for a performance on the show to be pre-taped this Thursday, March 15th. Depending on how the self-proclaimed gangster Nancy Sinatra does, AI will either be applauded for giving her a second chance to impress the American public, or be bashed for screwing their viewership directly in the ears. I could frankly see it going either way. We’re talking 50/50 Vegas Odds here. No word on when the performance will actually air, but I’m sure Fox will promote the date mercilessly once determined.

What’s your take, will you tune in? Feel free to discuss your television viewing habits as they pertain to this subject in the comments box below.


  • codine

    good lord that picture…biting my knuckles at work right now…damn you monster

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  • Constant Gardner

    @codine So true.

    Lana Del Rey excites me sexually.

    That is all.

  • DJ

    i would tap that. That is all.

  • Brandon

    wtf is in between her fingers

  • Monster

    Corn? Teeth? Who cares, don’t ruin this for us, Brandon.

  • A-Town

    ay caramba! now that’s f’in sexy pose O.o

    The Remix is…TITS

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