Listen To Marilyn Manson’s New Single “No Reflection”


Marilyn Manson is set to make a comeback with Born Villain on May 1st. It will be his first album since breaking free from Interscope and joining with Cooked Vinyl. Also, there will be a song on the album called “Pistol Whipped,” which will undoubtedly be an instant classic. Hear “No Reflection” below.

  • Nathan S.

    Nice to see Pigeons and Planes supporting Marilyn Manson. I honestly don’t care what anybody has said about him, dude has made some incredibly solid rock releases, and he did a great cover of “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode (one that tops the original, IMO). The new song is hot.

  • Confusion

    Er, not really supporting him. More like, “Hey, look at this.” Not really my style, and I can’t take him seriously because my soul is not dark enough.

  • Iggy

    Love it. Best thing to come out of the rock world since it got neutered in 2001 and got replaced by emo.

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