Mash-up Album: Tumblewoof – “M▲JOR”


Tumblewoof takes little snippets from songs by such artists as (deep breath) Drake, Kid Cudi, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, ACDC, the Jackson 5, Feist, and The Roots—and that’s only a fraction of the artists that he samples from this mix—and melds those sound clips together. You’re familiar with this process, it’s called a mash-up. But Tumblewoof doesn’t always take the obvious route, and that makes this M▲ JOR mix all the better. Give a listen below. Shout-out to you crazy kids in the Shoutbox for this. Listen to the whole mix below, and download for a price of your choice.

  • djburgerking

    mashups are so shitty, geeez

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