Mixtape: Wiz Khalifa – “Taylor Allderdice”


In a letter to fans, Wiz Khalifa admitted that he had some regrets about Rolling Papers. He stood by his work, but said that it wasn’t his most creative stuff yet, and that the new direction he’s taking is his most creative yet. He sounded proud. Following on the heels of that statement is Taylor Allderdice. Check it out below, and hit the comments section if you’ve got an opinion.


If that’s not working (Wiz broke it), try this, or visit the official site:

  • JeiSun

    ALT link? DatPiff down… or something… Also had so much bad luck with mixtapes missing tracks from that site.

  • JeiSun

    I didn’t like RP much, but thank god for a 80gb ipod… If i want some Wiz I got Star Power / Flight School / Kush & OJ mixtapes to spark up.

  • http://flavors.me/mikecampbell thekidc

    You can at least stream it at http://TaylorAllderdiceMixtape.com/

  • Awstun

    Wiz broke it all.

  • Confusion

    Updated with his other official link, but yeah, the internet is overloaded by Wiz right now

  • gnardoggs
  • http://risea07.com Socal

    working link(s):


  • Awstun
  • a guest but not really

    damn i was all wiz all day back with the old mixtapes and honestly now i cant even skim through more than 3 of these tracks without getting bored and sick of him. all the power to him and his fans but shit aint for me no more … maybe cuz i quit smoking weed last year. i duno just my opinion

  • InsaneBatmayne

    I was never into Wiz. This just solidified it.

  • eeeRowdy

    god, this shit is terrible.. he doesnt even make any reference to california on “california” but he mentions las vegas. what kind of song writing is that?.. and why is there an interview after every song? nobody’s trying to hear that, man.!

  • Neil

    5 songs in and each reference weed. over that shit. gonna go put on poor righteous teachers and wish it was the 90s

  • Logan

    I thought it was great. Very clean and smooth. If you don’t like smoking weed and listening to songs about weed, why on earth would you listen to a Wiz mixtape…

  • C

    this makes me want summer…dammit

  • C

    this would be better without juicy j

  • http://soundcloud.com/eidn b1tcha$$n1gga

    I’m positively suprised. Didn’t expect much after Rolling Paper, but I like the mixtape. At least it’s something you can smoke to.

  • Szcorba

    juicy would be better without wiz.

  • YumSter

    I didn’t even listen….i know it SUCKED a$$, can’t rap, can’t act, can’t dress, can’t do nothing right….GO AWAY WIZard WE HATE YOU…..

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