Rapper’s Ridiculous Cover Art Depicts 2Pac and Biggie Having Sex


Um, what? Not even going to try to explain this new cover art for Asaad’s “Boss Status.” Here’s what he had to say about it:

“I want to take this opportunity to explain, in my own words, the picture depicting two artists, whom I consider to be legends and arguably the greatest to ever bless the mic, engaging in homosexual activity. We are now in the day and age where this is no longer considered a taboo. But that is not the main reason why I choose this picture. Throughout the inception of the music business, artists have been continuously cheated out of their royalties and bound by erroneous contracts that essentially ‘screw’ artists over. For the record, I did not intend to release this cover to disrespect the memory or the families of Mr. Tupac Shakur and Mr. Christopher Wallace. They have become iconic, speaking for those like myself, giving the ghetto and less privileged a voice as they spoke about so many different things that affect our culture. Shakur & Wallace started out as comrades, then the industry turned them into human guinea pigs. They were embattled in a music war which ultimately led to their untimely death. In no way am I looking for publicity from this cover. My music speaks for itself. People have the option to look, or not to. Journalists and bloggers will have the option to post this on their website if they choose to do so. Again, we don’t ask that you do, but no longer shall the industry control our destiny and turn our people against one another. We have a BIGGER mission in life to speak for those who don’t have a voice and create outlets where we can all be heard.”

If this cover makes you want to hear the song, listen below.

(iLLRoots via OnSmash)

  • InsaneBatmayne

    I looked at the picture and read the post… then I listened to the song.

    WTF, biggest troll ever. I actually expected a song with deep and empowering message after reading what he wrote.

  • DAFK

    Don’t really give a damn about the cover, especially because the song sucks.

  • Brononymous

    The cover makes no sense. The song sucks. 0/10 would not buy

  • http://Beatfind.blog.com Beatfind.com

    wow. um. that’s just messed up. but they would have some bomb babies righhhhhhhh?!! ;) jk.and yea the song isn’t good at all. I don’t like a lot of hip hop music where all they talk about is quote “hoes” un-quote.

  • http://twitter.com/Rajan_Gill R-Ill


    Alright, so about the cover art. It’s actually pretty well designed, dudes got a good artists. But how does it represent artists being fucked over by their label? Especially if they both have bee enjoying that chardonnay on the night stand.

    Anyway, in regards to his song I totally agree with Batmayne, he’s just doing it for attention. It’d be one thing if the music was deep, but it’s not. And it’d be another thing if his music was as entertaining as Lil B, it’s not. “I’m getting pussy like dil-do’s” I hope he gets his loyalties tho.

  • Shaw

    I really love the idea of hip hop and I can get down with a lot of it but it seems like every rapper with a press release is just spitting the same “swag, bitches, get money, smoke purple, I’m the greatest” game. I don’t get why any of this shit appeals to anyone.

    Dear Asaad, A$AP, Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire and pretty much every other buzz rapper out there, please rap about something real for once, just once– rap about struggle, about strength as well as weakness, rap about where you came from as much as you rap about the come up, rap about something other then the same four shallow bullshit topics. If the deepest thing in you is swag then maybe you need to stop spitting because you’re not tight, you’re just the hip hop equivalent of a drunk college bro. Also, treat women with some fucking respect, they don’t need to be hearing the bitch word from you all the time.

    Jacob, I really want to believe that rap is an important art form with a lot of potential but on this level its like the special olympics, we’re basically just cheering for the least retarded ones. How about someone who has talent, personality, class, good production and something reasonably original to say?

    Seriously, any 2k12 recommendations?

  • http://www.twitter.com/frankramz ramzy

    nah, somebody needs to smack fire outta this kid! dont let them bk or cali niggaz see this

  • Buddy Blank

    This is hilarious, not so much because of the cover, but because of the shitstorm it’ll probably cause.

    If you’re sick of the shit “buzz rappers” rap about, then avoid them. Kendrick Lamar, Blu, Danny Brown, and J. Cole all rap about stuff that seems to be what you’re into. I honestly hate when people try to act like rap and hip hop is this super limited genre that’s only represented by whoever is “hype” at the moment. There’s plenty of shit out there, and just like it is with any other kind of music, sometimes you have to look just a little bit harder to find the stuff you’re really after.

  • http://www.justintaylormusic.bandcamp.com Justin Taylor

    I admit the artistic aspect of the cover is nice, but this guy’s explanation, and subsequent song, are loads of garbage.

    Epic trolling right here, so I’ll do some trolling of my own.

    @Shaw justintaylormusic.bandcamp.com

  • Confusion

    I think there can be art in more ways than just struggle, weakness, strength, and “deep” stuff. Really, a lot of this bitches and money and shit is just a reflection of a culture, which is interesting, and it’s more about how they choose to do it. But yeah, I feel you, the same content in so many songs gets played out if you’re looking for something deeper.

    Kendrick Lamar has some good content for sure. A lot of the underground stuff is still pushing good content. Anyone on Rhymesayers.

  • JeiSun

    Tomfoolery at it’s best… (this song)

    @Buddy Blank – it’s easy to pick on rap/hip-hop because there’s so much arsenal there for them to throw back at the genre. The defense is usually “underground” artist and a rare few in the mainstream. Really? We got to send people on a wild goose hunt to find the quality in our genre? While most genres will have great talent “underground” they generally would have just as much great talent that have made it big. This one seems like a vast majority of the great talents are underground.

  • hyab basid

    I enjoy Asaads music. I really fuck with his new mixtape, “New black history”, but this is just a ploy for attention.

    He also makes outrageous claims in his music. I know that a lot of rappers “fake it till they make it” but he goes a little overboard occasionally.

  • Shaw

    Guys, I appreciate this kind of discourse and I can definitely be swayed in my opinions. I’m pretty ignorant of the rap game and I pretty much see it through the lens of how it has entered the alternative music community and not the lens of someone in the underground rap scene.

    @Buddy Blank, I think you’re right, there’s a lot of good stuff out there. But generally I consume new “underground” rap music from blogs like Pigeons and Planes, and so I am subjected to the rap that is, from the outset, being marketed to the internet-based alternative music community. I wouldn’t criticize underground rap in general. There is, no question, a lot of good rap out there. And there is even a lot of good rap on here, I read this blog specially because it covers indie AND hip hop.

    @Confusion I think that the “reflection of culture” is self-fulfilling, more about rappers aspiring to be other rappers then reflecting who they actually are or where they came from, and the music is a big part of how cultural ideas spread. You can bet that if Li’l Wayne started rapping about being respectful to women, that would catch on and work its way down into the underground in the same way that swag has.

    Its not really my place to judge what someone else’s experience is. All I can say is that I want to connect to the art of it and I want to be impressed by the use of the instrument… and most of the time I just don’t. I listen to Rocky and I’m like… this flow isn’t impressive or rhythmically interesting, lyrical content is ultra-generic and it just sounds like someone going through the motions because they want to be a rapper, not an artist trying to raise the bar or express something true to themselves (i.e. originality or authenticity).

    I think your suggestions were all pretty good. Kendrick Lamar can make a pussy n expensive alcohol song but his verses are honest and not self-aggrandizing, and the tone and rhythm of his rap is interesting.

    But A$AP Rocky? What am I missing?

    And @Justin Taylor, I dig it, I like the “I used to dream about being a star and rolling out in a sports car but then I started to mature started to endure all the tests that I had in store” line, I wish that was a sentiment shared by more rappers.

  • Kizer Flowzay

    I agree with Shaw..its not a reflection of the culture, hip hop’s just been manipulated and manufactured by the corporate world and as a result society is a reflection of the media..rappers make a choice to rap about material possessions and other superficial things even though there’s alot more to life that they can decide to write about..Artists from other genres have lives just like hip hop artists, its just a decision whether or not to stay inside that box artistically

    Anyway @Shaw, check out this song I made..think you’ll like it and so will you @Confusion

  • chuwy

    What the Fxck??!
    I Woulda lock your ass up in hell ! Someone need to beat the hell outta this kid -.-“””””

  • http://fdgfdjhsdjhkhs..com Hail Mary

    march 21st, 21, 21? 21…? yes twenty one…… oh, decisions, decisions, yeah…haha, a kurd too? haha even better! How good i feel? Good. Add another to the list, yes the list. Soft or Brutal? Brutal. #1? no, for sure, no. #2? Yes, indeed.

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