s / s / s (Sufjan Stevens, Serengeti & Son Lux )- “Museum Day”


Oh, Sufjan Stevens. You never know what he’s going to do next, but after crafting what is arguably his best work with Come On Feel the Illinoise, he’s been all over the place. From glitchy concept albums about insane people to heavily religious Christmas albums, his sound and focus has morphed from the early days of soft, folksy compositions.

Next up, Sufjan links with rapper Serengeti and rockers Son Lux for s / s / s. It’s reason for excitement and worry, and it’s coming out on the experimental Anticon label, so don’t expect anything easy to swallow. “Museum Day” is our first taste of the project, and while there are elements of the Sufjan that we love, it’s also overwhelmingly disjointed and at times feels more like a spoken word piece than a “song.”

s / s / s’ Beak & Claw EP is coming out March 20.

  • http://isaacbuckley.bandcamp.com thedopeness

    call me crazy but i really liked age of adz

  • Confusion

    Age Of Adz had its moments. I just would never want to sit and listen to that album all the way through like I did with Illinoise.

  • trillbau

    at times it seems like he doesnt want anyone to sit all the way through adz. he will drop soothing tracks like heirloom and futile devices and then there will be drawn out awkward almost robotic tracks that make you pick up you phone and switch to something else. I still play illinoise from time to time. Also love the mixtape ‘come on, feel the illinoise’

  • http://thebrownnoise.posterous.com Nathan S.

    It doesn’t even really seem like a Sufjan project to me. Sounds like Son Lux and Serengeti have done most of the heavy lifting, Serengeti with the scene-stealing verse and Son Lux with the off-kilter, almost baroque-pop beat. If somebody jumped right from “Illinoise” to this, I can see how they would get weirded out. I’ve always been more of a Son Lux fan, so his name attracted me to this project, and it sounds as good, if not better, than expected. It’s a great song, I just think that people need to approach it from an angle of “Other Guys feat. Sufjan” rather than the other way around.

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