Things You Need To Bring To A Music Festival

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fetivalz Things You Need To Bring To A Music Festival

It’s been a while since we’ve had a guest post, so here’s a submission from Jess G., who shares some misguiding tips on what you’ll need at a music festival. Jess explains: “I’ve been going to at least five festivals every year for the past ten years, so I know what I’m talking about. I’ve had good experiences and bad ones, and over the years I’ve developed a great idea of what it takes to make the festival experience a positive one. I thought your readers might find this helpful. Here is my list of things you need to bring to a music festival.”

By Jess G.

drugs Things You Need To Bring To A Music Festival


Clearly, you’ll need drugs. There’s just no getting around it. People will try to tell you that music festivals are fun without drugs, but these people are liars, and their idea of “fun” probably has to do with just “enjoying the weather,” like that’s a real thing. These people bob their heads to music as methodically as girls who can’t orgasm fuck. Sick, twisted people who relate to Family Matters more than Intervention, going through their lives so far from the edge that they just float in the middle of nothingness. Pointless lives, they lead, and don’t led them misguide you. Surely, you’ll need drugs.

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