Video: Katy Perry Covers “N*ggas In Paris”


Katy Perry is adding to her list of things she shouldn’t be doing. The newest addition to that list is the pop star’s curious rendering of ‘Ye and Jay’s “N*ggas In Paris.” Some possible ideas for why Perry decided to try and cover the track: Maybe she thought that when Yeezy dropped a verse on “E.T.” she absorbed some of his powers? Or Snoop made it look so easy on “California Gurls” that she figured it couldn’t be that hard? She’s probably just trying to make a headline, in which case mission accomplished. Because nothing screams headline like a white girl rapping about “ninjas” in Paris. I mean, if you escaped what she escaped, you’d be in London doing dumb shit too.

What are your thoughts on MC Perry’s first dip into rap? Maybe this is all in preparation for a hip-hop collabo with, I dunno, Ke$ha?

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  • Liz

    lol. I hated that she was saying ‘ninjas,’ could she not say bitches or something? But otherwise I think its interesting, probably not something I’d wanna hear it again, but I cant say I completely hate her for it either. I dunno, the fact that she had the balls to try it at all elicits an A for effort from me.

  • b1tcha$$n1gga

    Please tell me why?

  • PancakeMcKennz

    A white girl rapping? That shit Kreay.

  • Masu

    A for effort U for everything else that really matters

  • Bloody

    Better than KW. I think many get upset by females, and even worse, white females that rap. In all seriousness, I would much rather listen to Katy Perry do these songs than Kanye West any day. West can barely rap, let alone “sing”. He tries, but without auto tune he is crap.

  • Confusion

    @PancakeMcKennz Wow u just tied everything going on here with such perfection. Comment of the week. 30 points.

  • patrice muamba

    What the fuck is she doing.

  • djburgerking

    she took a good song and shit on it

  • Jumi

    Bloody is joking.

  • Craig

    Ye and Jay should cover Last Friday Night now

  • dope_t

    if she likes the song than go for it, even though it wasnt awesome, i give her credit for doing something different

  • Lucifer

    Hip hop is officially dead, it has been absorbed into a sub-genre of pop. No more art will come from rap, only entertainment. Thank you based god.

  • Lucifer

    Thank you Katy Perry

  • Lucifer

    Thank you Justin Bieber

  • Confusion

    When did you guys get so good at commenting

  • JeiSun

    Ninjas in London coming soon…

  • Jumi

    My wife needs to get out of here with that blue hair.

  • InsaneBatmayne

    I used to think Katy Perry was hot… then she dyed her hair blue… then I was shown pics of her without makeup.

  • River Tems

    Y’all mad?

  • d.Carter

    @Confusion when white girls started getting posts on P&P :)

  • d.Carter

    White girls rapping*

  • Yero

    The title of this post clearly says what this video is about, if you don’t want to see a pop singer rapping, don’t watch. Either way, stop crying like little b*tches. All dramatic like “Hip hop is officially dead”, grow the f*ck up.
    Next post.

  • Filo5900

    For her first foray into hip-hop, I’d call that not bad. No one gives Cudi shit for trying out some rock style stuff, if Katy is starting to feel the hip-hop juice flowing though her then let her have at it. I may not listen, but what’s the harm in her doing it?

    For a live show and her first time and what I can only assume is for tv (due to the total lack of the ‘dirty’ words) it wasn’t terrible, certainly other traditional hip-hop artists have bombed performances and done terrible versions of their music.

    Don’t hate, procreate

  • TRIO

    This wasnt nearly as bad as i expected..

  • Antoine

    At least the guitar cover is okay.

  • codine

    That was terrible, but she wasn’t trying to be serious. Dumb choice, watch Florence destroy her covering Drake’s take care during her livelounge cover…

    That is what these covers are intended to do…Katy Perry is worthless.

    But if you do want to see a legit white female rapper, check out Kflay:

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