Video: Lana Del Rey Performs “Video Games” On American Idol


Lana Del Rey has been caught in the middle of a complicated situation. One of the reasons she caught some media negativity was because of her live show—specifically her appearance on SNL. All that scrutiny could have been enough to drive a new artist into hiding, but Lana hasn’t backed down. Her latest big television appearance is this finale during American idol.

  • Nick

    Haha at about 0:40 a lot of people are waving their arms in the air. Do people actually do that? I thought she did well though. I like Lana.

  • byahbyah

    she will bear my toddler…

  • Confusion

    I’m sure after the SNL thing, there were plenty of measures taken to make sure this one was as positive as possible. I’d bet there was a lot of crowd direction.

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