Watch Drake Pretend To Be Lil Wayne


We already knew Drake was an actor, but for those of us that never had the pleasure of seeing an episode of the corny Canadian teen drama show Degrassi, we can now enjoy Aubrey’s acting via this clip of him impersonating Lil Wayne. Not bad. It would have been funnier if he did Nicki Minaj, though.

  • Luis PMA

    How awkward was that interviewer tho? He’s a regular Randy Jackson.

    ~Yo yo dawg, that blew my mind~

  • Confusion

    haha yeah tim westwood is so goofy but hes kind of a big deal

  • Ghost

    Being from the UK, I can safely say the majority of us consider him embarrassing.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Pshhhh, Degrassi wasn’t corny. That shit was pushing limits — real shit, yo.

  • Lucifer

    Nardwuar is goofy.. Tim Westwood is awkward

  • Lucifer

    Anytime anyone interviews Drake he goes into acting mode. His Nardwuar interview made me want to punch him

  • Mic

    Westwood’s mannerisms remind me of Ali G without the do-rag

  • Confusion

    Hahah yes. Westwood basically is Ali G

  • eye man asshole

    i’m with Luis on this one, degrassi was classic shit

  • @stellaskid

    I agree with PancakeMcKennz and eye man asshole. How you figure Degrassi was corny??!

  • Joyce

    I agree with all of you on how awesome Degrassi was.

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