10 Things To Pick Up On Record Store Day

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Record Store Day is upon us. And by “upon us” I mean it’s on April 21st, but it’s time to start doing your research and deciding what goodies you’re gonna snag on this most holy of music holidays. If you’re not familiar with the holiday (or record stores) because you’re a child of the internet and haven’t been outside since you discovered you could order pizza online, let me enlighten you. Record stores used to be the only place you could go to get that new EP from your favorite artist. People would actually leave their homes, perhaps riding in a car, or in some instances by bike or walking, and actually physically go to the record store to “buy” their music.

Now here’s the kicker: records stores still exist. Yes, some of these legends of vinyls gone by are still in existence and provide a unique opportunity to music lovers across the country. Many of these stores are independent, meaning they’re able to sell what they want, when they want, and how they want. Record stores are generally owned and operated by very interesting people. People who share your passion for music and have wonderful opinions, and possibly even reccomendations to expand your musical horizons. Next time you find yourself inside one, you should speak to someone. Strike up a conversation about how much better vinyl is, or why your Sennheiser headphones make Bose sound like a shitty pair of Phillips. Snobbery is often welcome in places like these.

Record Store Day is a wonderful time of the year where independent record stores across the nation (and world!) team up with artists to celebrate the music. On April 21st visit your local record store to choose from a plethora of RSD-only releases. Many LPs, EPs, Re-Releases, Special Editions, and singles will only be available at RSD participating stores. There is a list of these celebratory releases, but the list is long, and you’re a busy person. But P&P is here to help. Here are the top ten things you’ll want to snag on April 21st. We’re giving it to you plenty early so you’ll have time to save up those nickels and dimes.

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  • Scott Dizzle D

    Also, I think INGRD’s record is a hot one. Don’t forget about that.

  • http://www.thevaughantrapp.tumblr.com Kelli

    How about Atmosphere/the uncluded?? Looking forward to snaggin that..

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