10 Things To Pick Up On Record Store Day


Animal Collective – Transverse Temporal Gyrus

Two years ago, the boys from Animal Collective teamed up with ODDSAC director Danny Perez to perform Transverse Temporal Gyrus at the Guggenheim. The tracks were put through a randomizer as part of a two hour installation that was one part spaceship crash, and one part papier maché hologram explosion. Those tracks, pre-randomization, are set to be released on 12″ LP, with a website going up later to provide the randomization option for those of us who prefer our Animal Collective scrambled.

  • Scott Dizzle D

    Also, I think INGRD’s record is a hot one. Don’t forget about that.

  • http://www.thevaughantrapp.tumblr.com Kelli

    How about Atmosphere/the uncluded?? Looking forward to snaggin that..

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