15 Producers Drake Should Work With

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By Constant Gardner & Midas 

A few days ago, Drake told NME, “For me, the David Guetta stuff just doesn’t work. I don’t really wanna go there.” We were glad to hear it. Even more exciting, though, are his nods to the undercurrent of more interesting electronic music. He’s worked with Jamie xx and SBTRKT, and after explaining why Guetta isn’t his first pick, he said the he’d rather work with exciting producers to “turn the club upside down.”

While he’s name dropped a few of the biggest talents in the loosely defined scene, there’s a whole host of other artists and sounds out there who Drake would sound perfect with. If there’s on thing Drake has done well in his career it is to pick his collaborators well, and we’re excited to see the trend continue on his third album. There are plenty of producers out there that would mesh with the Drake aesthetic. Here are 15 that we’d especially like to see him work with.

  • Ande

    No offense but isn’t Jamie XX already producing Drake’s next album?

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Constant Gardner

    none taken!

    Drake said he wanted Jamie to have “a big presence on his third album”…

    But Drake implied that jamie xx was producing more than one song on album number 2..and in the end it was basically a looped sample of an old jamie xx song… so we’ll believe it when we see it!

  • Avicenna

    would have liked to see clams casino on the list

  • joah

    this top is shit, it s just your favorite producers of the moment but it means nothing with drake, pigeons and planes personal branling

  • Chris M

    Holy fuck what a terrible list. Bunch of awful, bedroom producers who make unlistenable dance music. No thanks. Stick with 40 and T-Minus, and if seeking outside help Hit Boy, 9th Wonder, DJ Khalil, or Jake One.

    No more dance music please. It’s shit.

  • Michael Wash

    LOL 9th Wonder, Dj Khalil??

    You must be thinking So Far Gone Drake, not the introspective, sbktrkt/jamie xx/jai paul sampling current Drake that is interested in pushing the boundaries of his sound and not making the same garbage club rap everyone else is making.

    Swag forth P&P, this list is gold.

  • Ellis Ryan

    I agree with Avicenna, Clams Casino should have been a part of this list.

  • timmyfirm

    9th wonder is not a sought after producer, he hasn’t been relevant in forever. This list is good, some of this producers are ill

  • http://Beatfind.blog.com Beatfind.com

    Wow. Drake. I consider Drake (In My Opinion) A Definite indie artist. Experimenting with different art forms for his music. Here is a List of what people Beatfind would like to see drake work with.

    Jamie XX (Can’t wait to see more of that)
    Childish Gambino (Yea..)
    Hit Boy
    The Weeknd (It would be nice to see him to continue his work with Abel)
    – xxyyxx
    – Star Slinger
    – Shlomo
    And Maybe Xaphoon.
    Those are just some artist and producers that I would like to see and continue to see collab with drake

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Constant Gardner

    Four Tet, Joy O, James Blake… bedroom producers?! ummm I think not.

    Yeah Clams is a good shout… but only for a few songs, Drake sounds best over crisper production I think.

    @Beatfind YESSSS xxyxx and Star Slinger are both great shouts! especially xxyxx _ that would be so so dope!

  • kazzo

    Clams Casino
    Frank Ocean
    Flying Lotus
    Jamie Woon
    Miguel, or whoever the hell is producing the Art Dealer Chic EPs
    Lykke Li
    Bloodshy & Avant/Miike Snow

    Still, Drake’s hinted at a different sonic direction for the third album, which sounds like it’ll be less vibey and moody.

  • KG

    Can’t play the pink music links here in germany!

  • Proez1

    Obey City


  • Jairo Villeda

    damn dude yall niggas named the most known unknown

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