15 Producers Drake Should Work With

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drake lead 15 Producers Drake Should Work With

By Constant Gardner & Midas 

A few days ago, Drake told NME, “For me, the David Guetta stuff just doesn’t work. I don’t really wanna go there.” We were glad to hear it. Even more exciting, though, are his nods to the undercurrent of more interesting electronic music. He’s worked with Jamie xx and SBTRKT, and after explaining why Guetta isn’t his first pick, he said the he’d rather work with exciting producers to “turn the club upside down.”

While he’s name dropped a few of the biggest talents in the loosely defined scene, there’s a whole host of other artists and sounds out there who Drake would sound perfect with. If there’s on thing Drake has done well in his career it is to pick his collaborators well, and we’re excited to see the trend continue on his third album. There are plenty of producers out there that would mesh with the Drake aesthetic. Here are 15 that we’d especially like to see him work with.