15 Producers Drake Should Work With

RLGrime 15 Producers Drake Should Work With

RL Grime

RL Grime did all of the thinking for us on this one by releasing a stellar remix of “Over.” There are, at my last estimation, thousands of Drake remixes online right now. What stands out is when a producer can take Drake’s brashest cut to date and make it fit in with the hushed, somber tones of his best work. Pitching up Drake’s vocals to the point that they really do sound really too young and setting them on a buzzing crescendo of synths that seem imbued with restless melancholy and unhurried, confident percussion turned into a masterful piece of reinvention.

With that as an entry point, everything else RL Grime has been producing seems to position him as a perfect collaborator for Drake, or at least someone very in tune with the sound Drake and 40 have been progressing. An ear for hip-hop drums and an affinity for bittersweet melodies characterize the best of RL Grime’s production and although he’s on the smaller side in regards to support and popularity for Drake to be taking notice, it sounds like only good things could come from the pairing.

Drake – “Over (RL Grime’s Rly 2 Yung Remix)”

Shlohmo – “The Way U Do (RL Grime Remix)”